We take a market-intelligence approach to finding the best available candidates, ensuring you’ll get your new team just right. We specialize in helping companies build industry-leading teams with specialists working towards achieving strategic goals.

Key services:

  • Executive search by an experienced consultant with a deep understanding of the strategic need
  • Talent spotting with a partner who knows the influential peers.
  • Project management of external recruitment partners
  • Briefing and review of search strategy — feedback on profile, compensation, and seniority
  • Target company mapping, knowledge peers, and identification and review of candidates
  • Interview and candidate assessment
  • Shortlists with candidate profiles
  • Selection of the right profile, referencing, and offer management
  • Post-hire follow-up with client and candidate
  • Project management
  • Management of third-party recruitment partners and assessments of all candidates to ensure alignment with strategy
  • Market mapping of available talent as well as intelligence feedback on the client
  • Best available candidate at the time of hire
  • 6 to 12-month guarantee (depending on seniority)


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