Update on new partnership with Coinounce

Financial tech, particularly blockchain and cryptocurrency, has never been so prominent. One of AmaZix’s strategic goals is to advocate for and encourage mainstream adoption of these disruptive technologies — helping ensure that laypersons aren’t alienated from the latest wave of modern industrial revolution.

To this end, we are always striving to make our projects accessible to community members around the world. We work hard to reach out and connect with members, that all may have equal access and understanding of opportunities, keenly aware of the nuances of language and culture that underscore the great diversity of today’s online communities.

Coinounce partnership for globalization of client outreach

This week, AmaZix formed a mutual partnership with Coinounce, a global network of trusted professionals specializing in bespoke localisation services to the blockchain industry.

What this means for our clients is that they now have access to top-notch language localisation and globalization of ICO whitepapers, websites, advertising and related material, with expert resources in international languages including but not limited to Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

Tailoring a full range of translation, proofreading and formatting of all related communication, information and marketing content, Coinounce ensures that a project’s products provide the same high levels of accuracy and information to every local community it reaches out to.

Our CEO, Jonas Sevel Karlberg, reflected on this new cooperation:

Bridging the old world and the new world is a very important first step for this adoption to actually happen and gain traction. That bridge will only hold if the research material and documentation of the projects looking for funding is of very high quality and done in a 100% professional manner.

It is for this reason that a long-term partnership with Coinounce makes perfect sense for us. Coinounce have a very high standard and quality of work, always delivering flawlessly on time and at very competitive rates.”

Founded by business school student Alexander Lempka and engineering student Sebastian Spiteri from the University of Warwick, Coinounce aims to become the largest group providing such professional services in this sector.

There’s never a dull day at AmaZix, not when the crypto sphere isn’t letting down on the birth of new, innovative ideas. It’s been a period of steady growth with no signs of slowing down as the world continues to come to terms with the emergence of blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies.

This is still just the beginning.

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