The Talk-o-nomics Podcast powered by AmaZix is here!

Launched earlier today at 2pm GMT on LinkedIn Live (yeah, we’re so special we got early access), the un-crypto podcast, Talk-o-nomics, is a show that doesn’t sound like any other in the space. If you think you know crypto podcasts, our show will change your mind! You can watch the announcement on Livestream with host Ani Alexander and AmaZix CFO Paolo Anziano here:

Listen to Talk-o-nomics and share the love!

Looking for the next comfort-listen on iTunes? Subscribe to the Talk-o-nomics podcast here so you never miss a show: While we’re confident that Talk-o-nomics will take off on the merit of its own quality, we aim to hit the ground running and get as much exposure as we can, as quickly as possible. For Apple Podcast, this usually means getting on the Featured page, so that we get eyes on our show. And to do this, we need your subscribes and your reviews! Sharing the love is easy! Simply Subscribe, Rate and Review our podcast. You don’t have to be a podcast critic, a few clear and simple lines is enough. Try to be specific and constructive, so that fellow listeners (and podcasters) benefit from your comments. Here are some tips:

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In the coming few days, the faster we climb, the more visibility we get, and the more people we have listening!

Like watching on video?

Our first episode with Cointelligence founder On Yavin is on YouTube: 


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