The AmaZix Family Welcomes Blockchain Influencer Crypto Sally

Interviewer, Reviewer, FA expert: Crypto Sally is the face of AmaZix

When you first listen to a video blog or read a fundamental analysis from crypto enthusiast Crypto Sally, odds are, you’ll be amazed not just at how much she knows her stuff, but how simple she makes it all sound.

And that, to us, is what makes her special. As one of only a handful of influential women in crypto and blockchain, Crypto Sally cuts out a unique figure among the celebrities in the cryptosphere. Her artful talent in engaging audiences everywhere with her insightful perspectives on the crypto market, as well as her knack for bringing out relevant information during her many interviews with blockchain personalities, have made her one of the worst-kept secrets in the crypto influencer circles.

The Canadian YouTube crypto vlogger has covered a substantial portfolio of crypto projects, such as Internxt (INXT) and BABB, and has hosted Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with the founders of projects such as Eligma, Shopin, and MiningStore. In addition, she has also managed to secure an upcoming AMA with Nebulas/Neo founder, Hitters Xu.

She is simply the best crypto interviewer there is out there. In a short time, she has built a strong and loyal following on Twitter and YouTube.

Her fans know her by her tattoos and Green Lambo, the crypto world knows her by her work — as sharp as she is knowledgeable, you’d have to be on your game to challenge her on her fundamental analyses with the crypto markets!

An independent, ethical voice in the crypto wilderness

At AmaZix, we believe in responsible community engagement. More than communicators, we strive to build unique and meaningful relationships with the communities who support our various partners, acknowledging the diverse nature of global and local context and the need for objective, unbiased analysis.

It is precisely these qualities which Crypto Sally embodies in her work, which we hope will help us both grow together. We are huge fans of Crypto Sally here at AmaZix — not just for her professionalism but for her objectiveness and neutrality in her opinions, with the added ability to condense difficult technicalities into layman terms.

Despite the obvious relationships with all the projects she has covered, Crypto Sally maintains a strict adherence to transparency and honesty, ensuring that she is as much an endorsement for projects as she is an ethical voice for the communities supporting these projects.

She has made it very clear that her new relationship with AmaZix would not interfere with her principles as an independent crypto analyst and that she would maintain a free hand on her objective reviewing and personal analyses.

Instead, this new symbiosis seeks to mutually benefit each other from combined analysis and assessments of crypto projects, to help the communities of both parties grow together in knowledge and awareness.

Crypto Sally has this to say about her new cooperation with AmaZix:

“I am beyond excited to partner with AmaZix as I recognize the valuable contributions they bring to the world of crypto, and I can’t wait to join them in offering the best community management services to their current and future clients. I am grateful for this opportunity to help spread awareness of these incredible ventures in this rapidly-growing cryptospace.”

About Crypto Sally

Crypto Sally has been investing in, writing and talking about the cryptocurrency market and blockchain industry since mid-2017, making a name for herself as one of the most incisive interviewers and commentators in the cryptosphere.

Join her growing following on YouTube and Twitter.

About AmaZix

Denmark-founded but internationally-based AmaZix are a group of professional ICO consultants with technical expertise in blockchain technology and business development. Founded by a team of six, the AmaZix family now is closing in on 150 consultants, social media managers and community moderators.

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