Polka City and AmaZix Join Hands to Boost AR-Led NFT and Virtual Asset Adoption

Hong-Kong-based leading blockchain consulting and advisory firm AmaZix and the first-of-its-kind 3D and AR NFT platform, Polka City, have partnered to celebrate the launch of the Polka City AR VR environment. 

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies have exponentially grown in popularity since they were first introduced. So much so that nowadays, the console/PC gaming experience seems incomplete without VR/AR headsets. Also, in the past year NFTs (digital assets that represent original artworks, music, or any other form of intellectual property/asset) have amassed significant traction. The booming NFT trend has a lot to gain from this rising AR popularity as digital collectible owners can now interact with their collections. Polka City stands at this unique intersection of AR and NFT technologies and provides a way for digital collectors to profit from virtual taxis, gas stations, and other services. 

Celebrating the Partnership With a Bugatti

The Polka City team has created a 3D model of the supercar Bugatti as a testimony of the win-win partnership with AmaZix. These are limited edition collectibles, and only 25 of them will be available for sale, with 5 of them being reserved for the AmaZix team. AmaZix Bugatti NFT owners will have special in-game privileges such as  holding VIP prestige within the Polka City AR environment. 

It would also be possible for Bugatti owners (including the AmaZix and Polka City folks) to directly attend parties and exclusive events within the Polka City realm, courtesy of the “Polka City Prestige” feature. 

Out of the 25 AmaZix Bugattis, 20 will be up for other people in the community, to buy and join signature Polka City events and parties. 

Both Polka City and AmaZix Are Optimistic About a Bright Future for NFTs

Polka City and AmaZix both believe that NFTs have infinite possibilities and have a promising future. Although music and art have taken the lead on NFT adoption, the technology can cryptographically represent any asset that needs to appear unique. And with AR added to the mix, the applications are limited by only imagination. 

Speaking about the partnership, the lead Developer of Polka City said: 

“We are very pleased to be in partnership with AmaZix and strongly believe that the partnership will add significant value to the Polka City platform for our investors. We have been working hard developing the platform and the game, AmaZix will help us reach out to more people and get better recognition, in addition to helping the community and users. NFTs should be functional, and with the help of AmaZix, more people will see the benefit of owning stakable NFTs in a functional Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality game. Everyone loves to interact with their assets, and our game will bring NFTs to life!”

AmaZix Founder and Partner Paolo Anziano expressed immense excitement, observing that NFTs are here to stay and that the digital collectible market will only grow north from hereon. He intends this partnership to enable both companies to spearhead a massive NFT and digital collectible ownership drive. 

“What we are witnessing is only the tip of the NFT adoption iceberg. Non-fungible tokens have captured the world’s attention, and the ecosystem is ready for a massive breakout. 

As and how people realize the disruptive power of tokenization, they will leave no stone unturned in applying NFT technology to preserve any and every asset’s originality. Polka City will revolutionize the in-game digital collection experience. It could even pave the way for a new kind of economy where virtual asset owners hold transactable stakes in the virtual city ecosystem,” Paolo Anziano, CFO, AmaZix

About Polka City 

Polka City is a smart contract-based platform that allows users to invest and stake in virtual assets that are a part of a full-fledged virtual city. The project aims to revolutionize virtual asset ownership by introducing protection and enduring value for investors through NFTs and providing them with trust in their purchased assets’ authenticity. 

About AmaZix 

AmaZix is the leading provider of blockchain-related advisory and consulting for businesses. We deliver a comprehensive suite of high-value professional services, focusing on innovative solutions while continuing to build a team of top-tier talent.

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