Blockchain Studios and AmaZix launch CryptoCarz partnership, a new blockchain VR racer project

“CryptoCarz is proudly presented to you by Blockchain Studios, a group of crypto enthusiasts, gamers, professional developers and car lovers changing gaming as you know it. CryptoCarz offers a new multiplayer, virtual reality-enabled, racing experience where gamers can now play and own their cars.”

Blockchain Studios, a blockchain venture production studio based in Hong Kong, and AmaZix, the world’s leading community management and engagement firm for crypto projects, announced today a partnership for CryptoCarz, a virtual racing experience augmented by blockchain technology. The new gaming platform will allow players to purchase, own and race cars based on specifications related to aspects of various major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and others.

Virtual reality (VR) racing has just stepped up a gear

The unique proposition for CryptoCarz is that players will be able to load cars and components into the virtual reality game directly from their Ethereum wallet, retaining full ownership of what they acquired, built and won. Your private keys, your cars.

The new multiplayer VR racer will allow players to purchase from a wide range of crypto-themed speedsters. CryptoCarz is built on the understanding that every racer wants bragging rights to a unique car customized and modified to their personal taste. Built using the ERC-721 NFT protocol but expanding and deepening the functionality of the non-fungible token, the project makes use of blockchain to enable a personalized experience for every racer.

Players will buy the car of their choice, accessing a garage to install the very latest mods, kits and upgrades to produce completely unique builds. Each car on offer will be from a limited-edition series, enforced by smart contracts to ensure that no copy of each model will ever be produced again — ensuring scarcity and collectability. The cars will then be stored in the racers’ personal Ethereum wallet.

AmaZix is participating in this new advancement in gaming and blockchain technology and to celebrate the launch of this partnership, a unique limited edition AmaZix car has been created. We are looking forward to a special invitation-only AmaZix racing competition soon!

About Blockchain Studios

Blockchain Studios is a venture production studio based in Hong Kong and specialized in blockchain technology software development. It is a joint venture between three partners: Active Genes, Diginex and Shadow Factory. Blockchain Studios brings together engineering and visual innovation — combining technologies in new ways that are being enabled by the nascent blockchain revolution.https://cryptocarz.io

About AmaZix

AmaZix is the leading provider of community management services for crypto projects, ranking №1 on ICObench with a global team of over 100 people scattered around the planet in all global time zones.

Located in Hong Kong but internationally based, it is a group of consultants specialized in ICOs and cryptocurrencies with technical experience in both blockchain technology and business development.