Blockchain Advisory AmaZix and Crypto Capital Markets Group Chainstarter to Collaborate on Digital Securities Development

Following up on recent advancements in the focus area of digital securities, AmaZix and Chainstarter — two powerhouses in the sector — have teamed up to further develop the emerging area and support key clients looking to be primary issuers of security tokens.

With months of regulatory developments revolving around the cryptocurrency and blockchain startups, the criteria for success have become more stringent. Projects must be of much higher quality than ever before, they must be properly packaged and must cater to investor interests.

It has become clear that the market has accepted the shift to digital securities and, specifically, security tokens, as a legitimate and compliant means of fundraising and issuing liquid equity. Institutional and high-networth accredited investors have been following these shifts keenly, and are already purchasing tokens directly linked to shares of a company or underlying assets.

Among those pioneering these moves are AmaZix, which has been repositioning its sights onto STOs and pursuing partnerships with capable and reputable players such as Chainstarter.

We really love what AmaZix do for clients and we share the same ethos and ambition… the market have changed and reaching investors that will buy security tokens requires significant expertise.”

— Nick Ayton, Chainstarter CEO

AmaZix has been very successful helping founders reach their target audience and their funding goals… we share the same ethos as Chainstarter and handpick clients where the proposition and management team are sound.”

— Jonas Karlberg, AmaZix CEO

About Chainstarter Group

Chainstarter is an International group with offices in London, Moscow, Malta, Washington DC and will soon open offices in Singapore and Dubai. It has been building blockchains for clients since 2013 and Chainstarter Ventures has been very successful in raising capital for clients through private wealth and Family Offices.

One of the most successful advisory businesses, it works with more than 40 clients to launch and issue Security Tokens from its second-generation platform, handling all accreditation and KYC. It then lists tokens on regulated exchanges such as Crix and TokenWriter based in Malta.

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AmaZix seeks to become the leading provider of blockchain-related advisory and consulting across the globe, driving transformative change to the business paradigm through tokenization, blockchain technology and crowdfunding. We deliver a comprehensive suite of high-value professional services, focusing on innovative services, while continuing to build a team of top-tier talent.

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By AmaZix Editorial on January 29, 2019.


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