AmaZix Unveils Exclusive Tech Partner in DLT Solutions Developer Eligma Labs

We are excited to confirm that AmaZix has entered into partnership with Eligma Labs, taking one of Europe’s premier blockchain solution developers on as technology partner. The partnership is expected to further expand our capabilities in service of next-generation business in the blockchain tech sector.

Solutions for tomorrow, in use today

Eligma Labs specializes not only in developing bespoke enterprise DLT solutions, but have proven experience of rolling out implementation. Whether it is to upgrade existing infrastructure with blockchain augmentations, or to build from scratch, Eligma Labs helps clients to conceptualize, conduct feasibility testing, and arrive at highly-customized, highly-personalized specifications.

They have a track record to back this expertise up as well, with their past solutions which aren’t just the future of commerce, but actual working products being used every day by regular people. Most visibly through Elipay, the company has helped foster crypto adoption from “Bitcoin City” in Slovenia, where crypto spending is just as common, and just as easy, as debit/credit card payments.

In an industry that at times is obscured by hyperbole and speculation, Eligma stands out as a true pioneer in the emergent technology sector. Their Elipay payment solutions, along with the Elly shopping assistant, are incredible advertisements for blockchain and crypto utility. With the proliferation of smart contract use, Eligma Labs expertise in custom smart contract development and auditing will be an added edge for clients keen to code, test and deploy smart contracts in their enterprise,” said Jonas Karlberg, AmaZix CEO.

‘’In just a short decade, the world has transformed from a digital into a crypto and blockchain one, and AmaZix has been one of the key agents of that change. They have successfully helped over 120 blockchain projects so far, and Eligma will be exclusively forwarding all clients to AmaZix who are in need of marketing and PR, legal, advisory or corporate finance services. The fact that Eligma has become the exclusive technology partner of AmaZix is proof that our innovation and hard work is ready for the central challenges in the global tech arena,” said Dejan Roljic, Eligma CEO.

About Eligma Labs

Eligma Labs is a result of the partnership between Eligma and Spartan Solutions. IT develops blockchain tech for Eligma’s in-house needs and also offers development to other companies. Dedicated to blockchain and tech development, Eligma also promotes industry awareness raising. In alliance with this goal, it is the founding member of Cryptonite Ventures, a partner of AmaZix, and a member of Blockchain Alliance Europe.

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