AmaZix Seals Partnership with Securitize for Facilitation of Digital Securities Services

In its bid to further strengthen its expertise in helping businesses securitize successfully, leading community engagement firm AmaZix is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Securitize, a compliance platform for the primary issuance and lifecycle management of digital securities on the blockchain.

It is the latest in a series of new AmaZix partnerships aimed specifically to facilitate the transition of blockchain startup investment from the current capital raising model of token and coin offerings to a more efficient, compliant and programmable structure of digital securities.

Modernizing the way capital is raised

Digital securities on the blockchain are fast gaining recognition — most popularly in the form of security token offerings (STOs) — as the next logical evolution for modern investment.

Securitize CEO and Founder Carlos Domingo points to an approaching future of a more cost-efficient way of raising capital and attracting investment, offering stakeholders more transparency and control, thanks to the programmable nature enabled by security tokens. He believes it is a matter of when, not if, security tokens will transform equity.

“We have already had multiple successful issuances of digital securities on the blockchain. Digital securities like SPiCE VC, 22X, and Blockchain Capital exist on the public blockchain as proof that the technology is ready to issue digital securities today. The next step is trading, and compliance features like our DS Protocol are already allowing for decentralized compliant transfers of digital securities on a public blockchain, as we already proved with OpenFinance and AirSwap. The market is poised for widespread adoption and this is where our agreement with AmaZix makes sense, by introducing value-added services for issuers and investors on a global scale.”

– Carlos Domingo, Securitize CEO.

AmaZix CEO Jonas Karlberg said that investors now want a method that ensures their protection through regulatory compliance, enhanced profitability through cost efficiency, higher liquidity of equity and greater control — the very features that describe digital securities.

“AmaZix is working hard to partner with the most capable and proven players in the market. The Securitize platform and DS Protocol is a tried and tested product, with securities issued via Securitize tradeable in a compliant manner on exchanges and marketplaces. Its flexibility is demonstrated by their rate of adoption, and we are keen to develop this space further with them.”

– Jonas Karlberg, AmaZix CEO.

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