AmaZix Resigns 3air Advertising Account Due to Strategic Misalignment, Values

Today, AmaZix announced it has resigned its account with 3air, a blockchain telecommunications infrastructure platform provider, due to a misalignment of strategic objectives and values.

AmaZix initially provided to 3air, strategic marketing services, market research, community management, link building, PPC campaign creation, PR placed media, crypto website listings, and social media management.

“We worked with 3air in 2021 and we wish them well,” said Wil Robinson, COO, and Partner of AmaZix.

About AmaZix

AmaZix is ranked the #1 blockchain marketing agency worldwide by Softwareworld in 2021. The premier agency has serviced clients that include Bancor, Casper Labs, FRAX, Genuino, pNetwork, Eidoo, Pillar, Threefold, Polkacity (Polkadot), Verso, TMN Global,, Origyn, Universal Music, Gamma Options, Turncoin, MagicSquare and many others. AmaZix earned its industry reputation as a blockchain marketing innovator with expertise in community management, social media marketing, and now, 360-degree integrated marketing (global marketing strategy, brand management, creative campaigns, media buying, market research, public relations, web design and development, SEO/SEM/social listening, and digital advertising) focused on blockchain firms and Fortune 500 firms seeking to enter the blockchain space. AmaZix employs leading over 60 staff and contractors, partners, and advisors, including adjunct and world-renown distinguished professors and marketing industry veterans from the world’s leading global advertising agencies and strategic management consultancies.