AmaZix Partners with John Ndege to Launch Specialist Marketing Firm

Blockchain consultancy firm AmaZix, known for their work with trailblazing blockchain companies including Bancor, Bankex, Sharpe Capital, and Hyundai’s HDAC, are today announcing the establishment of Renowned & Co, a joint venture with John Ndege to provide specialist marketing services to companies in the sector. AmaZix clients have collectively raised hundreds of millions of dollars, developing blockchain-driven products ranging from ‘smart’ clothing to autonomous vehicles, and everything in between.

Blockchain marketing agency Renowned & Co was founded by John Ndege together with Laura Toma, AmaZix Founding Partner Jonas Sevel Karlberg and AmaZix CTO Luke Saunders. The vision is simple: to work only with the best projects, and to ensure they reach their full potential in both the pre-ICO and post-ICO phase of their development. Designing optimal marketing strategies when developing a new cryptocurrency or tokenised economy is hard work in a rapidly evolving and maturing sector, and increasingly smarter brand awareness campaigns are a vital part of launching a successful blockchain company.

Ex-Facebooker John Ndege is an expert marketer and serial entrepreneur. After his four-year tenure with Facebook’s Global Marketing Solutions, John founded risk management company Pocket Risk, which was in turn recently acquired by Dubai-based fund The Jamal Group. Turning his skills toward the blockchain world, John said of Renowned & Co’s mission: “There are thousands of cryptocurrency projects attempting to build awareness, secure contributions and develop communities. Frankly, there is a lot of noise. We are excited to work with projects to help them break through that and build an audience. We want the great projects to rise to the top. With the combination of a great team, great product and great marketing, teams can raise their chances of success.”

Founding Partner of AmaZix Jonas Karlberg said: “Since AmaZix’s inception, we have seen explosive growth, continually expanding the services we offer and rapidly scaling to meet our clients’ high expectations. Our mission is to assist blockchain projects from conception through to post-ICO management. As the world’s leading cryptoconsultancy, founding Renowned & Co is the next logical step in ensuring we can deliver the best possible value for our clients.”

The first client Renowned & Co elected to work with was Hyundai BS&C-supported HDAC, an IoT (Internet of Things)-based blockchain that raised 14,000 BTC during their pre-sale earlier this year — approximately $245 million USD at the time of writing. Slated to be the hottest new blockchain in years, HDAC aims to revolutionise the IoT through blockchain technology, and with the support of AmaZix and Renowned, are sure to do so.

About AmaZix

Denmark-founded but internationally-based AmaZix are a group of professional crypto ICO consultants who have technical expertise in blockchain technology and business development. Founded by a team of six, AmaZix now comprises a team of 45 consultants, social media managers, and community moderators. AmaZix was recently part-acquired by the Sharpe Capital founders in a deal valuing it at over $30 million USD.

About Renowned & Co

Renowned & Co is a professional cryptocurrency marketing consultancy specialising in ICOs and token sales. Renowned helps blockchain projects market their token sales via proprietary relationships with leading cryptocurrency influencers on YouTube, Telegram, Medium and other platforms. Following this, they amplify positive conversation with paid advertising on a curated list of high ROI websites and publishers to rapidly develop strong brand awareness and contributions. To learn more about what Renowned can offer, contact @JohnNdege on Telegram.

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