AmaZix Partners with Crypto Incorporation Firm Consulting24 to Simplify Crypto Business

Full-stack consultancy firm AmaZix is pleased to confirm its latest partnership with Estonia-based crypto incorporation specialists Together, they hope to simplify setup processes for multiple types of crypto businesses, helping global players gain easy access to the emergent financial domain of blockchain and crypto. Consulting24 is a specialist in quick and efficient crypto incorporation services, having helped over a hundred international blockchain projects formalize a business entity with registration and license approval.

Quick and efficient business setup for crypto projects

Under the new partnership, AmaZix’s network of clients will be able to access a comprehensive range of services just as any normal company would. Starting from a basic package of company registration, to digital wallet and crypto exchange license with global reach, clients can also choose from a complete package that includes:

  • Estonia company registration
  • Estonia cryptocurrency license
  • Technical solutions, integrations and gateways
  • ICO/IEO/STO Global set-up
  • Multilateral trading facility (MTF) License
  • Payment Institution License
  • EMI License
  • Banking Solutions for Blockchain
  • Token Legal Opinion
  • T&C, Privacy Policy
  • Startup Visa
  • Residency by Investment

Consulting24 CEO Lena Elvbakken explained:

“AmaZix’s highly-selective network of clients are exactly the sort of businesses seeking legitimation via these services. We ensure a fully regulatory-compliant business operation registered in Estonia, allowed to operate and provide cryptocurrency wallets as a service. Since Estonia is a full member of the European Union, this essentially doubles as a legally recognized passporting gateway to the European Economic Area.”

An Estonian cryptocurrency license enables projects to operate globally. Estonia has 0% corporate tax, which is essential for any starting enterprise. AmaZix CFO Paolo Anziano believes that the Estonian e-residency model offers a glimpse of the future of innovation in business. He says:

Consulting24’s pioneering efforts in widening global access to regulatory-compliant incorporation for crypto businesses describes perfectly the sort of partner we’ve come to associate with. With this partnership, we hope to simplify the company setup process — businesses can have a registered company generating income tomorrow if they wanted to.”

About Consulting24

Estonia’s fastest-growing consultant firm, Consulting24’s prime focus is to provide legal and crypto licensing support to blockchain projects. Unmatched in customer support and efficiency, they have helped to obtain almost 200 licenses in 2019. They currently lead five blockchain development teams working with turnkey solutions for mass adoption.

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