AmaZix Partners with BrandShield to Equip Crypto Communities with Anti-Scam Tools

AmaZix is proud to announce its latest partnership with AI-augmented cyber intelligence firm BrandShield. BrandShield’s sophisticated protection algorithms, which has a proven track record in preventing brand abuse for enterprises, will now aid AmaZix’s efforts in combating crypto-related fraud and scams for some 470,000 users across more than 130 community channels that AmaZix manages.

The BrandShield partnership employs advanced anti-phishing solutions to seek out and remove threats from websites and social platforms. This will also extend to BrandShield’s upcoming blockchain-based product, MyShield — an anti-scam platform combining AI with crowd intelligence for secure online transactions.

It’s a crypto jungle out there

It can be difficult to navigate the crypto scene amid the flurry of new blockchain and crypto startups that appear each day. For the newcomer, particularly, the task of distinguishing genuine opportunities from fraudulent ones becomes even more difficult as scammers and fraudsters engage in increasingly sophisticated tactics to lure victims.

Business Insider estimates that in Q1 2018 alone, some $670 million in cryptocurrency have been lost to scams. The appeal of cryptocurrency’s unique features including anonymity and ease of transfer means that more scammers will enter the space as crypto popularity grows.

Perhaps unique in the ICO and community management sector, all AmaZix partners already benefit from 24/7 aggressive fraud prevention, with a team of over 100 global moderators working together with automated detection bots to monitor community channels for threats.

And now, with BrandShield’s anti-phishing solutions, AmaZix clients and users stand behind an additional layer of protection from fraud.

AmaZix CEO Jonas Sevel Karlberg notes:

The community is nothing without trust, confidence, and the best security measures being put into place. BrandShield’s exceptional technology makes this a reality, not only for us, but for all of the clients that we support and represent.”

BrandShield CEO Yoav Keren spoke of how the new alliance would help restore confidence and a sense of security in the cryptosphere:

“The recent collaboration and multilayer partnership with AmaZix is a major step towards creating a secure ecosystem for the blockchain world.”

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