AmaZix Partner ZeroCarbon to be Fourth Listing on Institutional-Grade Token Launcher Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

Back in January 2018, as we were still enjoying the heady days of cryptocurrency all-time highs, we talked about the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX)’s position as truly being “mainstream of the mainstream”. Then, Gibraltar was working to introduce a first global instance of purpose-built legislative framework for blockchain-based businesses, through freshly-enacted Distributed Ledger Technology regulations.

AmaZix is also part of the GBX ecosystem, one of only 15 Sponsor Firms globally selected after a rigorous application process making us responsible for preparing listing applications, guiding listings to market, and meeting continuing obligations after the initial sale. We bring our credentials in due diligence to GBX’s vetting process, prior to projects being approved by GBX for listing and launching on the GBX Grid — an institutional-grade token launch center.

And today, we see the first fruits of our labor in that respect, as our partner ZeroCarbon has been officially approved for listing on GBX Grid.

Climate Change — too little, too late?

Awareness on climate change has been steadily growing since the lukewarm reception it experienced before the turn of the century. Climate change looks today less like the inconvenient truth it was before, with numerous private and independent efforts targeting heightened awareness and implementing operational projects, all with the goal of seeking greener energy alternatives and reducing carbon emissions.

More than another advocate, the ZeroCarbon project feels that urgent change is needed if the threat of climate change is to be averted.

It believes that existing renewable alternatives are promising, but are too slow to be introduced into the mainstream and still too expensive to have an impact on emissions. It recognizes that mainstream populations are the true catalysts for change and, therefore, any solutions must be within their reach and affordable.

ZeroCarbon’s dual imperative: blockchain technology and the leadership to drive change

The ZeroCarbon project not only proposes blockchain technology to create a decentralized “zero carbon market”, but also hopes to spearhead an impetus for reaching zero-emission energy within 15 years.

On the operational side, the UK and Australia are imminent launches as ZeroCarbon rolls out markets in highly competitive electricity markets. Its platform will act as an energy crypto-exchange, allowing consumers to choose from a list of offers from zero-carbon electricity suppliers.

ZeroCarbon is also keen to provide leadership in the global effort towards zero emission, advocating for urgency in hastening climate change goals. It has built up its community of innovative energy supplier participants, and continues to work hard to build even more value for consumers to encourage greater participation in climate change efforts.

While access to cheaper power becomes a logical economical decision, and is probably the only incentive needed for consumers to switch to zero carbon electricity, ZeroCarbon intends for consumers to see ownership in the project.

As an additional incentive for using ZeroCarbon, consumers will earn Energis, ZeroCarbon’s native utility token. This serves as further reward for their contributions towards climate change, but also ensures widespread distribution of project tokens for future network effect.

AmaZix’s strategy has always been to further encourage mainstream adoption of disruptive implementations of blockchain, as we understand that this is the key to realizing their potentials. As such, ZeroCarbon’s focus on mainstream inclusion aligns with our strategy and we are very pleased to have reached this stage together.

With the official listing on the GBX Grid, the project’s crowdfunding phase will be connected to institutional contributors, helping ensure it reaches quality networks to raise the support the idea deserves.

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