AmaZix Confirm Partnership with ZB Nexus in Effort to Derive Relevant Crypto Intelligence

Full-stack consultancy firm AmaZix proudly announces its latest partnership with ZB Nexus, a crypto research and blockchain think tank based in China. Recognizing the growing need for blockchain intelligence, AmaZix and ZB Nexus will work together to provide deep industry knowledge and insight to help their network of clients generate informed decisions and develop relevant solutions.

Accelerating the integration of blockchain technology and real economy

From current and future trends in tokenization of assets, and the need for identifying and promoting best practices in the industry, there is still much to learn and understand in the nascent space. Recognizing the limited amount of information, and the restricted access to available data, ZB Nexus also plans to open source all of its findings, ensuring mutual benefit for the wider industry. ZB Nexus founder Aurora Wong noted the common ground of both companies, explaining: “Even in current market conditions, the blockchain and crypto space is growing at an incredible pace and the need for better industry intelligence is more relevant than ever. As a think tank, ZB Nexus hopes to unearth more industry insights and create more blockchain real use cases. This aligns with the goal of AmaZix to bring about a real digital economy.” AmaZix CEO Jonas Karlberg emphasized the importance of forward-looking endeavors like that of ZB Nexus, saying: “The fundamental and disruptive potential of blockchain technology is well recognized within the financial and tech sectors. But as is often the case with emergent technologies, there are many avenues of knowledge yet to be discovered, many solutions that need continuous refinement, and many other considerations that must be made. The eventual mass adoption that AmaZix strives for can only come about with understanding, acceptance and recognition. We believe the work from the likes of ZB Nexus to be crucial to these.”

About ZB Nexus

ZB Nexus is an institutional research and consulting service that connects blockchain technology with real industry. ZB Nexus offers an integrated blockchain research system, helping to realize a panoramic perspective of the space and promote real-world application of various verticals. The institute is part of ZB Group, whose flagship platform is the digital asset exchange. ZB Group also includes the innovative crypto trading platform ZBG, the world’s first mining-pool based exchange, wallet leader BitBank, as well as exchange brands ZBM, ZBX and Korea’s Bithi.

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