AmaZix & CertiK Join Forces to Offer Exclusive Service Package – We Care About Your Community!

With blockchain technology rapidly developing and the entire space growing not only in the number of participants but also in importance, implementing protective mechanisms against malicious actors is more necessary than ever. 

Yes, even on the blockchain, security should never be too far from your mind. 

By entering the DeFi world — one of the most important products of blockchain technology — participants get an abundance of opportunities to interact with entities and resources from all around the world. In other words, they can freely borrow, lend, swap digital assets and optimize yields without suffering the limitations of their geographical location and local economic infrastructure. 

Moreover, blockchain’s innate ability to provide anonymity to its users further spurs the acceptance of this brave new world of finance — for both individual and institutional investors. Yet, finding a way to secure your future project can be very difficult for numerous reasons.

The only constant in the crypto space is that it’s constantly changing.

Some would say that cryptocurrency is still very much a gamble — always volatile and not truly backed by any “real” financial institution. That is why crypto is still in its infancy and hasn’t achieved its full potential yet. 

Others add that the anonymity aspect leaves a lot to be desired — especially in providing a bullet-proof guard against hacks — all with the purpose of preserving the integrity of crypto assets as well as entire blockchain projects. 

Well, as it turns out, there is a solution. 

CertiK is at the forefront of blockchain security pioneering the belief that auditing shouldn’t be an unnecessary extra step in developing a blockchain project, but absolutely essential. 

Let’s face it, this is something that should go without saying. 

After all, listing on any major exchange should require a project to pass a grueling blockchain security audit. It’s not beneficial to exchanges to compromise the safety of users’ crypto funds if they plan to last and establish a name for themselves.

The same goes for projects looking to succeed in the jungle that is blockchain. With that in mind, CertiK has created holistic security solutions aiming specific pain points connected with blockchain technology. 

Bearing in mind that Ethereum-based smart contracts cannot be modified after deployment, CertiK Shield, aims to prevent them from being exposed to vulnerabilities that could potentially threaten their successful and effective execution. It is a decentralized on-chain risk-sharing pool that can provide full coverage for users and developers if funds are lost or stolen even after smart contracts are released into the wild.

Without having the SIPC to cover the losses of bankrupt brokerages, the SEC to enforce transparency and protect investors, and FINRA to regulate the markets, CertiK Shield — as well as other CertiK solutions — becomes the first line of defense in the DeFi space.

This is why AmaZix has decided to partner with CertiK to offer high-level digital asset security as part of our own services to a selected pool of clients — viewing it as a crucial part of successful blockchain project growth. 

By leveraging it in conjunction with AmaZix’s flagship service — Community Management — we believe we are able to show your community that your project is one that truly cares about their experience and safety by implementing a comprehensive blockchain security audit. 

Preventing FUD is great, but we can do more!

“Our partnership with CertiK deepens our commitment to AmaZix blockchain clients worldwide, and in particular, the burgeoning blockchain, DeFi, and NFT sectors,” said Paulo Anziano, Co-Founder at AmaZix. “We can find no better partner than industry-leading CertiK, to enhance AmaZix’s value to our customers, and to deliver this truly unique and innovative service offering. This partnership further enhances AmaZix’s leadership position as an innovative blockchain agency and consultancy, for many years to come.”

We can safely say that AmaZix is looking after the heart of your community, but with CertiK’s contribution, we will be able to watch out for your crypto wallet as well. 

Are you intrigued by all you read here? Contact us today and let’s see what we can do for YOUR blockchain project!