AmaZix Announces Partnership with Olymp Capital, Europe’s First Blockchain and Digital Asset Management Fund

AmaZix, world’s leading blockchain advisory and community management firm in Digital Assets is proud to be partnered with Olymp Capital, one of the earliest Investment Fund Manager dedicated to the Blockchain and Digital Asset class in the European Union (E.U.).

Since its launch, Olymp Capital has made several successful investments in strategic blockchain-related companies supporting the growth of the ecosystem. Olymp Capital has become the European reference in blockchain investments thanks to its strategic location in Luxembourg, its build of a unique network and a deep reach with privileged partners and comprehensive team.

AmaZix will give Olymp Capital access to new opportunities with their first-hand market reach. Indeed, AmaZix’s team have analyzed and reviewed hundreds of blockchain companies raising funds and have a strong competitive edge.

Olymp Capital will, in turn, offer a hot spot for AmaZix in the E.U., selecting the best blockchain related startups to benefit from AmaZix top-notch blockchain advisory and marketing.

“I am glad to say Olymp Capital has successfully positioned itself as the European reference in the blockchain ecosystem,” says Christophe de Courson, Olymp Capital CEO. “But much remains to be done for the blockchain technology to reach its full disruptive potential. Many parties must come together to lay down the foundations for a sustainable ecosystem, be it architecture, legislature, or otherwise. However, in practical terms, we need to see strong and stable businesses growing the industry, and we see AmaZix as a leader in helping businesses do that.”

Jonas Karlberg, AmaZix CEO, echoed the sentiments.

“For us at AmaZix, all the things that we push for and advocate for in the industry are driving the ongoing paradigm shift in finance, economy, and technology. By definition, blockchain and digital asset advocates are pioneers, staying ahead of the curve and striking out a path for others to follow. We recognize Olymp Capital as a first mover in such a fundamental area of finance and are pleased to be partners with them. The fact that they also have privileged partners such as Fundstrat Global Advisors says a lot about their deep reach and network,” says Jonas Karlberg, AmaZix CEO.

Olymp Capital

Olymp Capital provides the link between investors, companies, and entrepreneurs, aiming to support premium investment opportunities in the Blockchain ecosystem at the infrastructure level.


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