Amazix Announces Partnership with Crypto Derivatives Exchange LXDX

AmaZix is proud to announce its latest partnership agreement with Malta-based LXDX, the world’s fastest cryptocurrency exchange. This new alliance combines unrivaled trading expertise from LXDX with the unique AmaZix brand of community management, both believing that the user and the community lie at the heart of success in the cryptosphere.

At LXDX, decades of trading experience at the highest levels with the likes of Tower Research, DRW and Laurion Capital have come together to produce a single platform engineered for crypto derivatives and new products unavailable anywhere else.

LXDX facilitates institutional trading of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, and is engineered to provide sophisticated crypto-financial services that combine algorithmic smart routing and dark pool trading — all from a single account. In progress are efforts to scale the platform to eventually serve all classes of investors, financed by a complete LXDX security token.

“In the world of crypto it is of increased importance to be discerning regarding how you choose your partners. AmaZix has shown great commitment to being exemplary stewards of community and possessing an ability to adapt to the changing needs of the industry. LXDX is dedicated to delivering a superior capital market experience and we are proud to have the help and support of AmaZix on this mission.”

— Joshua Greenwald, CEO of LXDX

Jonas Karlberg, AmaZix CEO, explained that the LXDX partnership was reflective of AmaZix’s continued push to realize true mainstream adoption of blockchain and crypto-related products and services.

“While the trading economy experienced unprecedented growth last year, there have always been issues of fragmented markets and unclear compliance, ultimately restricting access and, therefore, affecting factors like liquidity. These issues have presented themselves perhaps more strongly in the current contraction of the crypto market.

We believe that the LXDX platform offers a glimpse into the future that the crypto trading world demands. It’s built for a scenario of the million-token world, with connectivity to every major exchange and dark pool trading. It aims to give users protection beyond what exchanges today can — transparent routing, regulatory compliance, licensing, market surveillance.

Some day, these services will also be available to the every day trader — many of whom form the communities we’ve helped to manage — and we believe LXDX will be among the first to enable this.”

– Jonas Karlberg, AmaZix CEO.