AmaZix and Transform Group Join to Shift Your Blockchain Project’s Success Into Overdrive

There are a lot of players in the cryptoverse claiming to be a one-stop-shop for everything. For some, it’s just a catchphrase. Others, however, do have what it takes to make their claim legit and bring everyone to your shop in the process.

AmaZix and The Transform Group, together, can make this claim. The two companies are partnering to form a juggernaut, not unlike superhero combos yet to be forged, to help your blockchain business project or dApp outperform in the highly competitive blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Doubling an Already Strong Foundation 

Each company brings with it dozens of decades of experience in their respective domains to serve you. And that starts at the top.

AmaZix founder Jonas Karlberg brings 25+ years of international leadership & management experience, starting multiple successful businesses and advising over 200 clients to achieve their own success.

The Transform Group founder and CEO Michael Terpin brings 25 years of management experience gained at every point of the ongoing digital revolution, from America Online to AT&T. 

Teaming Up to Guide You With What We Do Best

The Transform Group and AmaZix complement each other like the last two pieces in the complicated puzzle of blockchain business project success.

Now for a rundown of what each piece of our partnership has to offer: 

As the undisputed leader in ICO, bitcoin, and blockchain marketing since 2013, and with 150+ ICOS equating to 57% of altcoin market capitalization, The Transform Group provides the following solutions and more:

  • Applying your business model and goals to the correct token strategies with the most sound and robust tokenomics
  • Building strong relationships with leading token buyers, protocol funds, analysts, advisors, and influencers
  • Understanding regulations current and anticipated, and optimizing your crypto business solutions accordingly
  • Developing liquidity solutions backed by relationships with the top 100 exchanges 
  • Enhancing token holder and investor relations, and targeting investors, leveraged by TTG’s vast experience
  • Helping you develop robust blockchain and project documentation with a talented team of top programmers 

Bringing with it a team of professionals with 75+ years of experience in specialties such as Business, Marketing & PR, and Law and Finance, AmaZix helps build and accelerate your success with benefits such as these:

  • Helping plan and craft brand identity, narrative, messaging, and positioning, as well as exposure strategy development
  • Providing compelling written content, both technical and non-technical, as well as on-point image designs
  • Outreach blockchain marketing agency services to assist you in being positioned at recognized outlets across Crypto, Ad/Marketing, Entertainment, Financial Markets, IT and Business publications
  • Live chat support and 24/7 moderation of community engagement and social media channels, with at least two moderators providing continuous service, including 24/7 scam and spam protection using our proprietary AmaZix Moderation Bot
  • Expanding your social media community and increasing your product’s audience with targeted engagement viral and custom rewards campaigns on your behalf
  • Legal due diligence for marketing and other essential corporate services

With so much to offer, The Transform Group and AmaZix together stand to prove more exponential than summative in the value they provide.

Think you’re too late to the table for your blockchain business project? Actually, we’re barely past the appetizer course. Now let us show you how to join in the feast of blockchain’s potential yourself.

About Transform Group 
Transform Group is a leading worldwide blockchain strategy and public relations agency with headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and Bermuda. Since 2013, The Transform Group has been a pioneer in every new segment of the blockchain market, including Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and national digital currencies, employing a multi-pronged, forward-thinking approach to obtain top coverage across every relevant media vertical for clients.

Transform represents 300 blockchain companies, including 150+ token launches and growth campaigns.

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About AmaZix 
AmaZix is the leading blockchain marketing agency and is a leading provider of blockchain-related advisory and consulting for businesses. We deliver a comprehensive suite of high-value professional services, focusing on innovative solutions while continuing to build a team of top-tier talent.

We make projects investor-ready.

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