AmaZix and Helios Liquidity partner to bring much-need maturity to crypto markets

Crypto and blockchain consultancy AmaZix announces its latest strategic partnership with professional crypto liquidity providers Helios Liquidity. Among the suite of services provided by the experienced market makers, Helios’ chief pursuit is that of a crypto market mature enough to provide the liquidity desired by traders and professionals in the space.

High-quality market making and liquidity provision

Helios Liquidity was formed in collaboration with Sharpe Capital, with the goal of making markets fairer, more accessible, and more robust. Helios has developed proprietary Market Making algorithms that produce the healthiest possible order-book, ensuring liquidity depth on both the buy and sell side at all times. These algorithms not only support price stability and enable inward investment, but they generate profit — profit that we share with our clients.

Helios also offers institutional investors and High Net Worth Individuals the opportunity to generate returns by providing BTC inventory for High Frequency Market Making on BTC-fiat pairs, leveraging Futures to minimize the risk of exposure to cryptocurrency price swings, while still earning the spread from cryptocurrency market inefficiencies.

“Every engagement is a collaborative discussion that meets the fine balance between continuous liquidity on both bid/ask sides, while preserving inventory and profitability even during adverse market events such as flash sell-offs… assets with low liquidity are vulnerable to manipulation and dumping activities that threaten investor confidence.

Serious clients, like those who choose to work with AmaZix, now understand that liquidity must exist before their virtual assets can attract inward investment and growth. We see AmaZix as a partner on the same path towards market maturity, which is much needed for mass adoption to happen.”
 — Lewis Barber, Helios Liquidity co-founder

“Every partnership we’ve formed has been with the long-term goal of positioning ourselves to stay ahead of the difficult curve in the crypto space. Helios Liquidity has demonstrated a keen understanding of what true liquidity is: with algorithms that seek long-term and lasting value for tokens, laying strong foundations in secondary markets that build gradual confidence and interest. We are excited to see what this partnership can do for our clients and the communities built around them.”
 — Jonas Karlberg, AmaZix CEO

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By AmaZix Editorial on January 26, 2019.