AmaZix and Coinify Ally to Widen Global Access to Virtual Currency

Leading full-stack consultancy firm AmaZix and award-winning digital asset services provider Coinify are pleased to announce a new partnership. This alliance will provide a launchpad for enhanced mainstream adoption of virtual currency via a global gateway for new digital and traditional physical money. Denmark-based Coinify is one of the oldest names in the virtual currency space, pioneering virtual currency payments and fostering the use of financial innovations both for individuals and businesses globally since 2014. Through its suite of solutions, Coinify helps individuals, organizations and businesses move between traditional and virtual currencies. Simplicity in solutions combined with secure and regulatory compliant solutions have won over scores of merchants, marketplaces and wallets.

The industry’s most recognized virtual currency gateway in Europe

Under the new partnership, AmaZix will soon be able to offer its network of clients payment solutions for their own native virtual currencies and global access through existing financial and banking systems. With ready access to existing infrastructure and set of services, clients no longer need to build for themselves and focus instead on their core business. This goes for every type of service, from fiat bridges, payment services, banking relationships, KYC, AML and other compliance-related services. We’re talking about the ability to seamlessly buy or invest in digital assets, or make and accept crypto payments, directly from bank accounts. Imagine funding your Bitcoin wallet instantly with your local currency. Or paying at a shop with your preferred crypto, but without hassling the merchant with accepting different crypto.

AmaZix CEO Jonas Karlberg reflects on this alliance as an ongoing effort of the firm’s overarching aim to strengthen legitimacy and recognition for virtual currency and emerging technology, driving adoption for the masses.

For a merchant, opening up to new forms of payments such as virtual currency is a sure way to attract additional customers that prefer to use crypto. For our network of clients and partners, Coinify’s suite of services will create value for their token projects, while a whitelabeling option can even onboard merchants through a branded signup portal. At the same time, we could consider co-branded Visa cards to our network, though we might start first by offering them to our staff internally,” said Karlberg.

Mark Højgaard, Coinify co-founder and CEO, talks with great enthusiasm about the yet-unexplored possibilities for a virtual currency like Bitcoin, whose numbers swell by the day.

As illogical as it may seem, the first hurdle to owning virtual currency is the biggest one, because it isn’t straightforward, it involves high fees at various points, and still needs the buyer to place trust in several platforms. But with our wallet-agnostic and multi-exchange integrations, users can almost directly and instantly top up their crypto wallets using their bank account balances or a preferred debit or credit card — while retaining control of both fiat and crypto funds. And now, with this AmaZix partnership, we look forward to helping their various clients and their token projects access these and other services to fuel mainstream adoption. On the flip side, we also expect that our clients will be delighted to gain access to the famous AmaZix Assessment-as-a-Service,” reflected Højgaard.

About Coinify

Coinify is the biggest virtual currency payment provider in Europe, boasting over 25 million wallet integrations and over 100,000 merchants in the US, Europe and Asia. Among numerous recognitions, it has been named Fintech Europe’s Top 100 in 2016 and 2017, National Winner in the Nordic Startup Awards 2017, and has won Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 and 2019 Best Practices Award as well as the EWPN 2019 Diversity Award. Coinify is the easiest, hassle-free way to start offering crypto payments at checkout and still receiving standard currency settlements. It is a proven player with a strong foothold in Europe and Asia, with more countries joining its international network every year. Find Coinify on: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Angel List: Crunchbase:

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