Launch Your Token on the GBX Grid

AmaZix, as an official GBX sponsor firm, will help your project pass the rigorous criteria set forth by the institutional-grade GBX token sale platform.

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Leverage The Power of the GBX Grid

Launch your token on the prestigious GBX Grid to instantly enhance your project’s credibility and marketability, gaining full access to a high quality pool of whitelisted buyers.

Amazix Helps you Launch Your ICO Token on the GBX Grid


Joining GBX instantly affords your project a greater reputation given the platform’s famously high barrier to entry. The GBX Grid safeguards the authenticity of listed tokens, boosting confidence and stability for all marketplace participants.

Amazix Helps you Launch Your ICO Token on the GBX Grid


Access a large pool of serious, AML/KYC-cleared investors on the GBX Grid. Issuers no longer need to worry about the eligibility of token buyers, GBX does it all for you.

Amazix Helps you Launch Your ICO Token on the GBX Grid


Launching your token on GBX opens the door to a fast track listing on the GBX Exchange for secondary trading. Impress your investors with a quick exchange listing shortly after your ICO.

The path to the GBX grid

The Path to the GBX Grid

As an official GBX sponsor firm, it's our responsibility to conduct an exhaustive analysis on your project to ensure it meets the high standards of GBX. AmaZix will work closely with your project, vetting both technical and presentational components, until it is ready for submission.

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Amazix Risk Asessment

Risk Asessment

Project Analysis

Token & Smart contract audit

Check whitepaper & terms meet GBX guidelines

Controller KYC

Amazix GBX Submission

GBX Submissions

Launch on The GBX Grid

Finally, after completing the vetting process with AmaZix and getting approved by GBX, your project will join a select group of trusted projects on the GBX Grid.

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