Community Rewards with Results

Our full end-to-end community rewards and bounty services are proven to create widespread exposure for your project.

Community Rewards

Fully Managed, Fully Delivered

Let AmaZix handle your community rewards campaign and get access to a network of vetted bounty hunters that deliver real results based on trust and integrity.

Amazix Community Management Feature

End-to-End Support

Gain full access to an experienced bounty & community rewards manager to develop and execute a truly effective campaign from beginning to end.

Amazix Community Management Feature

Smart Drops

As experts in the art of incentivization, AmaZix will apply optimal strategies for dispersing tokens, balancing awarding participation to provide meaningful benefit to your marketing efforts.

Amazix Community Management Feature

Top Tier Content

With access to over 100 VIP content creators, Community Rewards clients are able to incentivize established members to create engaging, meaningful content that can be shared for maximum reach.

Amazix Community Management Feature

Proprietary AI Tools

AmaZix’s Jarvix AI tool will track participation in reward campaigns across key channels and social media, resulting in a higher quality of engaging content for the same allocation.

Proven Results

AmaZix has provided full end-to-end community rewards services to over 80 top tier projects to date. Here are some of the many success stories.

Jacqueline Thong

Head of Operations – Cardstack

AmaZix conducted our bounty program to raise awareness prior to our TGE. They were instrumental in assisting us in building up the community. We experienced organic growth and interest in the project, and were able to form a community that is interested in our mission


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Take full advantage of the comprehensive end-to-end bounty hunting and community rewards management services provided by AmaZix to bring more exposure to your project.