Behind every successful online group is a bot

Scanning Every Message, Checking Every UseR

Users posting spam (like links to shady Telegram groups or bots) will be banned and their messages deleted, but we don't just wait for them. Users who are banned by the bot in other groups will also be banned in your group, protecting your community before they even have a chance to act.


Messages containing ETH addresses will be removed as they are posted to keep your users from being misled into transferring funds to them. Only those addresses posted by admins will be allowed to remain. Commands (like /stats) will be instantly deleted to keep the group clean, without banning the users.


Full protection from dozens of dangerous types of files that scammers upload to groups hoping unsuspecting users will open (and many do, otherwise). This can save both you and your community from numerous common attacks.


This all happens automatically, without need for your intervention. The bot will screen every message against these criteria, except those posted by admins or users who were invited to the group by an admin - as these users are considered to be trusted. All of this is completely free, for as long as you wish to use it.

To get going with the free version, simply click the button below

Then add the AmaZix Moderation Bot(@amazix_mod_bot) to your group and give it admin abilities (delete messages and ban users). The bot will get to work immediately, with no additional setup required. 

With the free plan, you get the amazing features above. If you want more, scroll down to read about our Premium Plan.

Questions? Talk to us HERE


on duty for over 800 days

Managed Over 140 

Banned over 300 Users daily

Our Premium Plan provides enhanced protection from spammers and scammers, along with personalised support and full customisation. 

​Features include:

Fully Customised To Your Needs

The rules which the bot applies to your groups can all be toggled on/off on a per-group basis to customize the level of protection needed.


Personalised support from our team to help you set up the bot to your needs.

​System Messages

Automatically delete all system notices posted by Telegram whenever a user joins, as in some groups these just interfere with meaningful users conversations.

Access to the Global Blacklist

Further protect your group by allowing the bot to ban unwanted spammers from the global Amazix blacklist.

Protection From Unwanted Bots

Have all bots not whitelisted in your group banned as they join.

Domain Protection Service

Keep your users safe by having messages from known fraudulent domains deleted instantly and ban the posting user.

Prevent Admin Impersonation

Users that impersonate your admins by copying their names can be banned as soon as they join. These are very frequent and if not handled, will scam your users and heavily hurt your credibility.

A Bot That Learns From Experience

The AmaZix Moderation Bot is constantly learning from previous experience to recognize new spam and scam messages, you can allow the bot to further protect the group by deleting messages detected as fraudulent based on its heuristics algorithm.


Ban users that spam your group over and over with the same content, even if it looks harmless when first sighted.

Short Link 

Delete messages with short links (like those from, and more) that are frequently used to mask fraudulent links.

All Links

If it suits your needs, the bot can delete any messages containing links that aren't posted by admins. This might come in handy during certain events (like ICOs).

Mute The Group 
Or Prevent 
New Users

Prevent new users from joining the group. This is a niche feature, that is sometimes needed temporarily to restrict group access to those users that joined before a certain date. It is also possible to entirely mute the group on-demand, only letting group admins post.

Get the Premium Version

Our premium plan is only $200 per month, or get 12 months for the price of 10 ($2,000) if you pay annually. 

Add the AmaZix bot to additional groups with the same branding for half price! Alternatively, sign up for AmaZix community management and use our premium bot service for free!

To upgrade to the Premium version, contact us on Telegram NOW!

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