Grassroots Tech | Healthy Blockchain Communities | Headless Marketing

21.02.20 11:03 AM By Dan

In Episode 11 of the Talkonomics Podcast, Molecule COO Devon Krantz sat down to talk with us.

Devon first stumbled upon blockchain when on a bank introduction course to Bitcoin in 2015. From there she set up her own blockchain software development firm, before co-founding Molecule, a market-based platform for finding and funding pharmaceutical intellectual property (IP).

“...people maybe got into the tech for the wrong reasons and it didn't last very long as we all saw but… I've heard a couple of people say today like the cowboy era is over so... the focus I guess is again on real projects and real community initiatives.” -- Devon Krantz

From her perspective, it was a logical transition from training and consulting corporate entities on blockchain technology, to then building the solutions themselves. The company also works hard to offer education at the grassroots level in Africa, where the company was founded.

Believing that communities play the most important role in technology adoption, Devon says their work focuses not on specific projects but on free access to knowledge and resources:

“If people don't understand it, if they don't accept it, it's never going to grow and it's never gonna become more widely used…”

She tells us about the complexities of meeting the different needs of diverse interest groups, catering to the learning requirements of beginners, while satisfying advanced users’ desire for use cases.

Today, in the post-ICO space, Devon believes the “cowboy era” is over and projects are focusing once more on “people actually wanting to make a difference”.

Is she right and have the speculators truly gone away? Will “headless marketing” be the future of blockchain communities? Devon’s take and more on Episode 11 of the Talkonomics Podcast!

“Uptake through countries like Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt -- everywhere that kind of has a thriving community that is interested in blockchain tech has really picked it up well and is eager to learn more and develop further.” -- Devon Krantz