Owning Our Data | Consumable Ideas | Loneliness in Tech

14.01.20 10:21 AM By Dan
After 12 years in tech and bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Canadian-born Galya jumped headlong into the space in early 2018 -- just past the hype peak. But diminishing crypto appeal did little to dampen her interest, and when Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal came to light, discussions around how blockchain could overcome the “Facebook Wall” ushered her into blockchain. Juggling the seemingly glamorous life of conferences in Europe and TEDx in Vancouver to the loneliness of tech addiction and social media, she tells us of the stress of entrepreneurs always trying “to be a little bit more than what we actually are in reality”. In connecting with audiences, Galya notes how “instead of focusing just on the protocol and just on the project”, she had to speak about much bigger and more relevant issues -- hence, the importance of data privacy and concepts of digital assets resonated more with audiences. Is decentralized data the way brands can avoid “fakeness” in marketing? From owning our own digital data, to taking big concepts into something people can understand and consume, and digital coins for Mexican students and union workers, Galya tells it like it is on Episode 8 of the Talkonomics Podcast!