Behavioral Change | UN SDGs | Young Altruism

12.02.20 10:45 AM By Dan

When Arnaud St-Paul, the founder of GIVE Nation, caught up with us to talk about the work of his project, Arnaud was keen to tell us that the blockchain came after the vision.

The vision was to affect behavioral change in society. Why the blockchain? Decentralization, money and transparency.

GIVE Nation, essentially a blockchain-based app that teaches children sustainable money management skills and will reward kids for acts of kindness, encouraging them to be altruistic. Through the use of the wallet and marketplaces, children learn not only to earn and save money, but also to do something good with the money earned.

“…it's a whole environment. It's a whole economy in their school, where they exchange this GIVE… is valued more on the altruism and the empathy and the compassion that the kid is having than the “me, me, me”, the greed and so on.”

Arnaud says that for now, GIVE will focus on charities that contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals related to climate and conservation. Later this year they will include tree planting projects in developing economies and beach-cleanups.

We’ve got it all on Episode 10 of the Talk-o-nomics Podcast as we discuss gamified charity, to ensuring baby boomers won’t be the last generation to teach kids about savings.

"The baby boomers were the last generation teaching to their children how to manage money." -- Arnaud St-Paul, founder GIVE Nation