Beers, Blockchain, the Decentralized Dream and Regulations

31.10.19 06:11 AM By Dan
Possibly the most connected person in meatspace in the industry, City AM's Crypto Insider James Bowater has come a long way from entering Level39 through a window...on Level 49! James shares his experience of not being a crypto journalist (!), being hands on with interviewing at blockchain events, and keeping everybody's five minutes of fame informal. He explains the fundamental changes he's seen in the space from a period of being thoroughly excited to the current era of quiet buildup, venturing that the messages accompanying the birth of Bitcoin are not lost on people. James also talks volatility, avoiding being overtly political and maintaining a balanced approach before hinting at launching the first Crypto Awards. Listen in... "There are people who are passionate for the right reasons and will see it through but ultimately, if the technology is true and works, they will win." -- James Bowater