AmaZix is at the Geneva Blockchain Congress

17.01.20 04:33 PM By Dan
On Monday, the 20th of January, we will be attending the Geneva Blockchain Congress.
The Geneva Blockchain Congress
The Geneva Blockchain Congress
There is an amazing program for the event with talks on a wide range of topics including stablecoins, digital identities, eVoting, governance and blockchain in healthcare. Many big names in the space are either speaking or attending including Don Tapscott, Bertrand Perez, Carlos Moreira and Paul Kohlhass amongst many others. We will be on the exhibition floor from 8.30 am, meeting people and doing interviews. Once the event is over we will release a post talking about everything that we saw and heard, who we got to speak to and their ideas and projects. We will also be releasing all the footage and pictures from the event on our social media channels. You can follow us live on Twitter: @AmaZixOfficial and LinkedIn. If you are at the event then be sure to come and find us!
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