Alternative Securities | Asset Tokenization | Equity Crowdfunding

22.01.20 05:58 PM By Dan
Keen on exploring how securitization and tokenization of assets could offer a safer alternative to retail investment, Alan resigned from his day job and relocated with his family to Malta. After being told by numerous law firms that it couldn’t be done, Alan realized he needed a business partner “as crazy as him”. Thus he found the technical brains to shape his ideas about securitization, and the firm grew from a handful of people to 18. On legal alternatives to marketing security tokens, Alan says being the most human is the most natural form of marketing. According to him, “it's just a matter of being confident in what you do and who you are and what you are offering...” From Mongolian gas miners looking to tokenize revenue shares, to purchasing equity in a pizzeria, Alan takes us on a wild ride through tokenization and equity crowdfunding in this episode of the Talk-o-nomics podcast.