Economic Freedom | Crapcoins | Impartial Blockchain Rating

20.09.19 07:05 AM By Dan - Comment(s)
25 minutes was all it took for Yavin to make the decision to enter blockchain. In this episode, the Cointelligence founder talks about banking frustrations, adoption being at least a decade away, the Libra "crapcoin," a coming financial crisis, and how he's helping build a data analysis so...

AmaZix and Coinify Ally to Widen Global Access to Virtual Currency

10.09.19 07:10 AM By Dan - Comment(s)
September 10, Hong Kong — Leading full-stack consultancy firm AmaZix and award-winning digital asset services provider Coinify are pleased to announce a new partnership. This alliance will provide a launchpad for enhanced mainstream adoption of virtual currency via a global gateway for new digital ...

AmaZix Enters into Partnership with Privacy-Centric Messenger App FortKnoxster

19.08.19 08:35 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

19th August 2019, Hong Kong — AmaZix, the global blockchain strategic consulting and marketing agency, today announced it has partnered with cyber-security firm FortKnoxster, developers of the most secure and privacy-oriented all-in-one peer-to-peer encrypted communication platform. AmaZix and FortK...

How Security Tokens Will Democratize Private Markets

11.07.19 08:40 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

As discussed in our previous post, security tokens bring a number of advancements to the securities space that solve age-old problems and remove the inefficiencies that have plagued the issuance and trade of securities. In this post, we will expand upon some of the advantages that tokenization bring...

AmaZix Seals Partnership with STO Issuance Platform DigiShares

17.06.19 08:48 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

AmaZix, the world’s leading provider of blockchain advisory, is pleased to confirm its latest partnership with DigiShares, the end-to-end white label platform solution for tokenized securities. With this new cooperation, we are making further inroads into the digital securities sector and will be be...

How Tokenization Will Improve Capital Markets

04.06.19 05:35 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Capital markets are venues where savings and investments are moved between the suppliers of capital and those who are in need of it. These wealth-channeling markets, which can be traced all the way back to the 17th century Amsterdam Stock Exchange, are outdated, inefficient and costly. One possible ...

A Go-to-Market Strategy for ICOs/STOs

27.05.19 10:10 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

A Go-to-Market Strategy for ICOs/STOs

At today’s CV Summit 2019 in Zug, Switzerland, Jose Maria Macedo, AmaZix Partner and Head of Advisory, was part of a panel discussion on ‘Digital securities, STOs and the future of financing’, where he shared some insight into AmaZix’s go-to-market strategy for t...

How Security Tokens Provide Greater Market Depth and Create New Forms of Value

23.05.19 09:03 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

The ability for tokenization to improve market depth by rendering previously illiquid assets liquid has been widely discussed. So has the additional value these instruments can bring to the securities space. In this article, we will explain why, despite the promise of greater market depth in the lon...

“Fundraising is an Art” — Come Meet the Artists at the Monaco Blockchain Conference, 31st May 2019

21.05.19 09:06 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Hong Kong, 21st May 2019 — Refining the recipe for success in blockchain-based fundraising takes a lot of experience. It must also be backed up by the requisite technical skills, knowledge and talent. So much so, that AmaZix Partners Dr Jeppe Stokholm and Jose Maria Macedo, have said that “Fundraisi...

AmaZix Announces Partnership with Olymp Capital, Europe’s First Blockchain and Digital Asset Management Fund

15.05.19 09:11 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

AmaZix, world’s leading blockchain advisory and community management firm in Digital Assets is proud to be partnered with Olymp Capital, one of the earliest Investment Fund Manager dedicated to the Blockchain and Digital Asset class in the European Union (E.U.).

Since its launch, Olymp Capital has ma...

A New System for Blockchain Governance: an Interview with Dr Bingsheng Zhang

14.05.19 09:14 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

The trouble with governance

In the era of crypto networks, prospective investors are often reluctant to commit to any project that promises less than absolute decentralized community management. The crypto community looks with great suspicion upon projects that do not offer voting rights to token hol...

Everything You Should Know Before Launching an STO in Asia

09.05.19 08:28 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

In our first and second articles on launching STOs, we lifted the lid on the US and Europe respectively. Now, as we journey further eastwards and into Asia, we continue with the same mission as before: to pick apart the regulatory frameworks we encounter to discover whether an STO is a truly viable ...

An A-Z Analysis of Security Token Platforms

07.05.19 09:19 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Last updated: May 7th, 2019

Understanding tokenization and Security Token Offerings (STOs) is extremely important for issuers and regulators alike. Put simply, tokenization is the conversion of an asset into a security token that exists on the blockchain. Tokenization unlocks capital from global inve...

5 Steps That Make for a Great Whitepaper

30.04.19 09:30 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Creating a whitepaper can seem daunting. It is, after all, the longest and most rigorous document you will ever produce. Not only does it have to read professionally from cover to cover, but it must follow a cohesive narrative, be economically unimpeachable, be mathematically and grammatically perfe...

Everything You Should Know Before Launching an STO in the USA

25.04.19 09:33 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Is a Security Token Offering (STO) a truly viable alternative to an Initial Coin Offering?

The answer to that question depends a lot on the nature of your project, your goals, where you intend to register your offering, and what you really mean by ‘alternative’. Where ICOs may have once embodied the ...

Why Your Whitepaper and Pitch Deck Are Driving Away Investors

23.04.19 09:38 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Some 9 out of 10 whitepapers are worse than bad — they’re destructive. Your whitepaper and pitch deck should be institutional-grade documents that build confidence in the project and secure investment. In many cases, the reverse is true, with these flagship docs unintentionally undermining the proje...

Introducing AmaZix Investor Relations 2.0: Transparency as a Service

10.04.19 09:41 AM By Dan - Comment(s)


Transparency is synonymous with cryptocurrency. Every Bitcoin transaction from the genesis block to the present day has been visible on a public ledger for the world to see. At AmaZix, we believe that open source should not just apply to code — it should define everything that companies ...

AmaZix Partners with Timeless Luxury Group to Introduce a Digital Security Offering (DSO) for High-End Hideaway Properties and Resorts

09.04.19 09:52 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Hong Kong — April 9th, 2019 — Blockchain advisory firm AmaZix is pleased to announce a partnership with Timeless Luxury Group AG, a company specializing in providing luxury experiences, chiefly through its unique Timeless Hideaways vacation properties and a planned Resort.

This is also an opportunity...

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