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Why Your Whitepaper and Pitch Deck Are Driving Away Investors

23.04.19 09:38 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Some 9 out of 10 whitepapers are worse than bad — they’re destructive. Your whitepaper and pitch deck should be institutional-grade documents that build confidence in the project and secure investment. In many cases, the reverse is true, with these flagship docs unintentionally undermining the proje...

Introducing AmaZix Investor Relations 2.0: Transparency as a Service

10.04.19 09:41 AM By Dan - Comment(s)


Transparency is synonymous with cryptocurrency. Every Bitcoin transaction from the genesis block to the present day has been visible on a public ledger for the world to see. At AmaZix, we believe that open source should not just apply to code — it should define everything that companies ...

AmaZix Partners with Timeless Luxury Group to Introduce a Digital Security Offering (DSO) for High-End Hideaway Properties and Resorts

09.04.19 09:52 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Hong Kong — April 9th, 2019 — Blockchain advisory firm AmaZix is pleased to announce a partnership with Timeless Luxury Group AG, a company specializing in providing luxury experiences, chiefly through its unique Timeless Hideaways vacation properties and a planned Resort.

This is also an opportunity...

AmaZix Unveils Exclusive Tech Partner in DLT Solutions Developer Eligma Labs

09.04.19 09:44 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

We are excited to confirm that AmaZix has entered into partnership with Eligma Labs, taking one of Europe’s premier blockchain solution developers on as technology partner. The partnership is expected to further expand our capabilities in service of next-generation business in the blockchain tech se...

AmaZix is the Proud Event Partner of “The Best of Nordic/Baltic (fin)Tech Summit” 2019

02.04.19 09:56 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

At AmaZix, we’re always craving for our next hit of innovation and so this June, we’re headed to the English capital for the London Tech Week.

It’s going to be buzzing with some 55,000 people expected to attend, and we’re particularly happy to be partnering with “The Best of Nordic/Baltic (fin)Tech S...

This April, catch AmaZix at one of the world’s biggest blockchain events in Paris

23.03.19 11:19 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Next month, the French capital will welcome some 3,000 people from all over the world to attend the week-long Paris Blockchain Week. This prominent meeting will be the focus point of scores of events and workshops, highlighting some of the industry’s latest advancements and bringing to the fore the ...

Security tokens: Separating the hype from reality

22.03.19 11:24 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

You must surely have heard by now about STOs (security token offerings) and how they’re touted by many to be the face of the next generation of blockchain-based crowdfunding, how governments will allow them, how easy it will be to run them and invest in them.

Basically, there’s a lot of hype surround...

AmaZix Secures Partnership with Blockchain-Based ID Management and Neo Financial Services Provider KABN

21.03.19 11:28 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

AmaZix Secures Partnership with Blockchain-Based ID Management and Neo Financial Services Provider KABN

Hong Kong — March 21, 2019 — Blockchain advisory firm AmaZix is pleased to announce its partnership with financial service platform KABN ( This is the latest in a series of s...

AmaZix is an Event Partner for the Legal Hackers Computational Law & Blockchain Festival 2019 (Torino Node)

19.03.19 11:32 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

The second annual Computational Law & Blockchain Festival (#clbfest2019) is a month-long global event organized by Legal Hackers bringing together coders, designers, lawyers, policymakers, researchers, and students to co-create the future of law, legal practice, and policy.

In the spirit of decen...

AmaZix Partners Up with Switzerland’s Famed CV Summit 2019 on March 27th

18.03.19 11:36 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

We take great pleasure to inform that AmaZix has confirmed a partnership with the world’s premier blockchain event of the year taking place in 12 days’ time in Switzerland’s high-flying Crypto Valley, Zug.

The CV Summit 2019 is not merely about Who’s Who in blockchain — it’s about What’s What. While ...

“State of Stablecoins 2019” Examines the Historical Failure of Currencies and the Need for Stable, Digital Money

20.02.19 11:38 AM By Dan - Comment(s)
Report Determines Emerging Markets with Will Drive the Mass Adoption of Stablecoins

Today, a new report was released that analyzes the historical issues of traditional (fiat) currencies and why 16 countries now face annual inflation of more than 20 percent. The report reveals how these conditions hav...

AmaZix Edges into Recognized Finance with New Banking Partner in Liechtenstein’s Crypto-Centric Bank Frick

04.02.19 11:40 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

4th February 2019, Hong Kong — Blockchain advisory AmaZix is pleased to announce the completion of a partnership with Bank Frick in Liechtenstein.

Blockchain — and its popular iteration of cryptocurrency — may still be a nascent sector, but even those in the traditional financial systems have come to...

Blockchain Advisory AmaZix and Crypto Capital Markets Group Chainstarter to Collaborate on Digital Securities Development

29.01.19 11:43 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Following up on recent advancements in the focus area of digital securities, AmaZix and Chainstarter — two powerhouses in the sector — have teamed up to further develop the emerging area and support key clients looking to be primary issuers of security tokens.

With months of regulatory developments r...

AmaZix and Helios Liquidity partner to bring much-need maturity to crypto markets

26.01.19 11:45 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Crypto and blockchain consultancy AmaZix announces its latest strategic partnership with professional crypto liquidity providers Helios Liquidity. Among the suite of services provided by the experienced market makers, Helios’ chief pursuit is that of a crypto market mature enough to provide the liqu...

Securities, Utilities and All That Lie Between: The Changing Face of Token Design in 2019

18.01.19 11:47 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Every generation believes it is witnessing history and ours is no different. Reflecting on the growth of the internet, the proliferation of smart devices, the birth of Bitcoin and the rise of tokenized systems, it is hard to dispel the conviction that these are transformative times.

When crypto’s his...

Blockchain Advisory Firm Amazix Chooses SpringRole Protocol for Professional Profile Verification

17.01.19 11:50 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Over the past few weeks, AmaZix team members have been porting over their occupational details online to the beta platform of the SpringRole decentralized professional network.

At first, signing up for SpringRole is not any different from opening an account in another career-based social platform. Us...

Amazix Announces Partnership with Crypto Derivatives Exchange LXDX

21.12.18 11:52 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Amazix is proud to announce its latest partnership agreement with Malta-based LXDX, the world’s fastest cryptocurrency exchange. This new alliance combines unrivaled trading expertise from LXDX with the unique Amazix brand of community management, both believing that the user and the community lie a...

Political Decentralization: Freeing the Internet From Monopolists With Crypto-Tech

04.12.18 11:55 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

This piece on political decentralization was written by Jonas Sevel Karlberg. Karlberg advises several prominent projects and is a co-founder of the Nordic Blockchain Association. He is also the founder and CEO of Amazix.

Originally published by on 4 December 2018

The internet was born fro...

Calling Participants for the AmaZix Community Rewards Survey: Adapting to Adversity

23.11.18 11:59 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Notice to the AmaZix Community:AmaZix is calling out to all participants of our Community Rewards Program to come and join our latest survey at

Do you prefer Rewards in liquid currency? Would you feel better if Projects kept a small amount of Rewards allocation in ...

AmaZix Joins Forces with Fellow GBX Sponsor Firm Rockchain for Enhanced Smart Contract Expertise

14.11.18 12:00 PM By Dan - Comment(s)

Hong Kong, November 14th, 2018 — AmaZix, a group of professional crypto consultants specializing in community management and blockchain business development, announces its latest partnership with Rockchain, a DLT and token sale advisory, and smart contract development and audit company.

The strategic...

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