Spreading Cryptography for the Common Good

16.10.20 09:16 AM By Dan - Comment(s)
Within crypto advocacy, I believe strongly in privacy, so much so that I view it not only as a right, but a duty.

Spotlight on LID: Making Defi Safer for Everyone

15.09.20 09:56 AM By Dan - Comment(s)
AmaZix is pleased to announce a collaborative effort with Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID), a project working on improving the quality of experience and safety of participants in decentralized finance (Defi) systems.

Quarantined? Take a course in blockchain

13.04.20 09:12 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Across the world, millions of people are trapped in their homes to help the global effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19. A quick sweep of Facebook and Instagram gives us some insight into what people are doing to fill the void. Many are doing home bodyweight workouts, others are learning an instr...

Pub Meetups | Supportive Communities | Digital Uniqueness

10.04.20 07:16 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Like many in this industry, Paul Gordon's involvement with crypto began as a hobby more than anything else, having had two previous decades of derivatives trading in financial markets. "Before you knew it... 7 or 8 years had passed by!", he recalls. 

Heading up Coinscrum as the first B...

Dr Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna

09.04.20 08:58 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Today Guenther specializes in supporting the structuring, authorization and ongoing lifecycle management of financial intermediaries and their products. In addition he is focused on the implementation of large scale regulatory change and compliance alignment projects at Swiss and international finan...

Beyond Disruption, Crypto’s United Stance Against Covid-19 Is Its Own Proof of Concept

07.04.20 01:49 PM By Dan - Comment(s)

Blockchain enterprises are demonstrating the strength of the crypto community as a number of firms have joined forces with Binance to raise funds in the fight against Covid-19.

In early January 2020, Crypto Twitter was lining up on the streets, flying flags for Bitcoin and crypto.

Geopolitical tension...

The Remote Work Cheat Sheet

26.03.20 12:50 PM By Dan - Comment(s)

Pro tips for working from home

Making Dumb Money Smart | Following the Rocket | Using Tech That Makes Sense

24.03.20 09:17 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Jack Nikogosian enjoyed his first brush with fame in 2015 when he survived for an entire month paying for everything using only Bitcoin. During this period, which would even see the award-winning Danish blockchain expert pay 0.04 BTC for a car ride to work,  the media popularised the epithet “B...

AmaZix always had a distributed workforce and we can tell you: smartwork is better than it sounds

11.03.20 02:10 PM By Dan - Comment(s)

AmaZix began life back in 2017 as a blockchain consultancy firm. The six founders -- the original AmaSix -- firmly believed in the principles of decentralization and, as a result, chose to function as a distributed, global team. The AmaZix team has remained fully distributed -- working remotely from...

Mass Adoption via the Unbanked | Forgoing the Glitz | Growth by Community

11.03.20 01:44 PM By Dan - Comment(s)

In trying to find a way to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to the masses, Electroneum CEO Richard Ells founded a new easy-to-use payment crypto. But having built the platform, he realized: "Mass adoption takes more than that". 

So came in-app phone airtime and data topups in Tanz...