Growing Pains | Rise of Layer 1 | C2S

25.11.19 06:11 PM By Dan - Comment(s)
Tom Shaughnessy tells us what it was like being one of the early Wall Street players looking in on blockchain technology -- before jumping down the rabbit hole himself. Tom talks about investor appetite, new projects turning to equity, and a critical shift away from B2C to C2S (customer to smart con...

Data Monsters | Positive Impact | Collaborative Disruption

14.11.19 07:25 AM By Dan - Comment(s)
Seasoned investor and entrepreneur Amit Pradhan believes that everything he invests in, influences or creates, must lead to positive impact on society. We look at what an evolving environment he calls "applied blockchain utilization", where we are shifting from pop culture-influenced impre...

Beers, Blockchain, the Decentralized Dream and Regulations

31.10.19 06:11 AM By Dan - Comment(s)
Possibly the most connected person in meatspace in the industry, City AM's Crypto Insider James Bowater has come a long way from entering Level39 through a window...on Level 49! James shares his experience of not being a crypto journalist (!), being hands on with interviewing at blockchain events, a...

Welcome to Talkonomics

24.10.19 05:11 PM By Dan - Comment(s)

If you’re tired of corporate jargon, hackneyed market analysis, token shilling and all that blockchain hype; if you’re sick of hearing about moon and lambos, yet love crypto with all your heart, you’ve come to the right place.

Economic Freedom | Crapcoins | Impartial Blockchain Rating

20.09.19 07:05 AM By Dan - Comment(s)
25 minutes was all it took for Yavin to make the decision to enter blockchain. In this episode, the Cointelligence founder talks about banking frustrations, adoption being at least a decade away, the Libra "crapcoin," a coming financial crisis, and how he's helping build a data analysis so...