Content creation — can we do better? MEDIA Protocol thinks so

25.07.18 11:44 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Content is king. Advertisers know it. Brands know it, having to rely on it more and more for exposure in crowded spaces. And consumers it know it, always hungry for more and for better.

And don’t we at AmaZix know it! Content (and content creation) is a significant part of the work we do with our com...

AmaZix Partner ZeroCarbon to be Fourth Listing on Institutional-Grade Token Launcher Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

18.07.18 06:46 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Back in January 2018, as we were still enjoying the heady days of cryptocurrency all-time highs, we talked about the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX)’s position as truly being “mainstream of the mainstream”. Then, Gibraltar was working to introduce a first global instance of purpose-built legisla...

AmaZix Partners with BrandShield to Equip Crypto Communities with Anti-Scam Tools

17.07.18 11:55 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

AmaZix is proud to announce its latest partnership with AI-augmented cyber intelligence firm BrandShield. BrandShield’s sophisticated protection algorithms, which has a proven track record in preventing brand abuse for enterprises, will now aid AmaZix’s efforts in combating crypto-related fraud and ...

AmaZix: Listening to Community Feedback

16.07.18 09:51 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Community management and engagement is one of just many services that AmaZix provides to the crypto community. It’s fair to say, this is also what AmaZix is best known for today.

It has always been our aim to create and nurture healthy, vibrant, constructive communities — they are the heart of our pr...

Crypto Marketing and Community Engagement: the Inventive Constants

19.06.18 07:19 AM By Dan - Comment(s)
Creative Commons:

After a year of being active in the crypto sphere, it’s perhaps of little surprise that the groundbreaking work AmaZix does has begun to attract attention, at least among the tech-savvy observers in the wider mainstream audience.


Current: All the multimedia content you ever wanted (and possibly you never knew existed) on one ecosystem

17.06.18 05:03 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

We’re all multimedia content consumers, part of a generation that has never been more connected to an array of media that has never been more accessible.

And yet… because there’s just so much information out there, it’s easy to get lost and confused when seeking out music, films and TV shows that we ...

AmaZix Community Rewards: Your Questions Answered

04.06.18 04:21 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

After announcing our restructured Community Rewards last week, we received quite a bit of feedback and questions from our communities during our open #AskAMAzix session over the weekend.

Understandably, members sought clarification over several general and specific areas, including implementation of ...

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange — ushering in an era of global acceptance for the crypto industry

02.06.18 05:05 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

It’s easy to overlook just how far cryptocurrency (and, by association, blockchain tech) has traversed from the realm of libertarian ideology to cross over into mainstream consciousness, when we’ve just had a whirlwind year where Bitcoin went to the moon and ICOs stole headlines across the world.

It ...

Introducing AmaZix Community Rewards

31.05.18 07:23 AM By Dan - Comment(s)
A remodeled incentive structure for community-driven brand awareness

The AmaZix bounty programs are being redesigned

Looking back on the past year, we at AmaZix count ourselves fortunate to have been associated with some of the most successful names in blockchain and crypto-related startups.

Beginning ...

Orvium: Helping science find knowledge

18.05.18 07:27 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Research a driver of today’s knowledge economy

Research and development has long been recognized as one of the most vital aspects of modern industry. How much countries and their economies invest into this intangible asset of knowledge is consistently credited for bringing higher levels of productivi...

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