3 Steps To Validate Your Crypto Startup Idea - Part 2

27.02.20 03:29 PM By Dan - Comment(s)
Crypto Startup
3 Steps to Validating Your Crypto Startup Part 2

Continued from Part 1

STEP 2: Continued

Competitor research

A good way to gauge whether your crypto project is likely to gain traction, is by checking out your envisioned competition.

You can check your competition online with a simple search on Coinmar...

3 Steps to Validate Your Crypto Startup Idea - Part 1

26.02.20 11:35 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

There is absolutely no point building a blockchain-based product that nobody wants, will ever use, or build on top of.

If you’re planning a crypto project purely for the money, or if you’re in it to raise funds without much thought of how that money will be invested, your project has already failed b...

What Successful Blockchain Companies Look Like

17.01.20 04:33 PM By Dan - Comment(s)

How Startups are Playing the Collaborative Sport of Disruption

Despite what the headlines and Google ads might suggest, success in the blockchain sector isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Only two years ago, during the ICO peak of 2017, bright-eyed speculators were eager to throw money at any ...

AmaZix is at the Geneva Blockchain Congress

17.01.20 04:33 PM By Dan - Comment(s)
On Monday, the 20th of January, we will be attending the Geneva Blockchain Congress.
The Geneva Blockchain Congress
The Geneva Blockchain Congress
There is an amazing program for the event with talks on a wide range of topics including stablecoins, digital identities, eVoting, governance and blockchain in healthc...

AmaZix Confirm Partnership with ZB Nexus in Effort to Derive Relevant Crypto Intelligence

17.12.19 04:33 PM By Dan - Comment(s)
December 18, Hong Kong — Full-stack consultancy firm AmaZix proudly announces its latest partnership with ZB Nexus, a crypto research and blockchain think tank based in China. Recognizing the growing need for blockchain intelligence, AmaZix and ZB Nexus will work together to provide deep indust...

AmaZix Partners with Crypto Incorporation Firm Consulting24 to Simplify Crypto Business

13.12.19 04:33 PM By Dan - Comment(s)
December 12, Hong Kong — Full-stack consultancy firm AmaZix is pleased to confirm its latest partnership with Estonia-based crypto incorporation specialists www.Consulting24.co. Together, they hope to simplify setup processes for multiple types of crypto businesses, helping global players gain easy ...

Building for Social Change on Pragmatic Business Sense

09.12.19 10:01 AM By Dan - Comment(s)
TreeCoin CEO Jörg Schäfer at a eucalyptus reforestation site. Photo credit: TreeCoin/Ronny Barthel
The growing multitude of blockchain-for-good projects is cause for optimism. If in the past, the majority of new projects and solutions were seeking to disrupt any number of industry sectors, tackling ...

Pursuing Authenticity in the Digital Era

02.12.19 09:05 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Why remote working AmaZix still meets face to face

Despite having been together for over two years, many of us in the AmaZix family have never met. Quite often, during interactions with others within the industry, we tend to completely overlook this as out of the ordinary. Simply put, because it...

Building Responsibly: Seeking Positive Impact in Decentralization

14.11.19 08:37 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

It’s not possible to move through the emerging tech industry today without encountering some issues around decentralization. Let alone the blockchain space, where big data and AI almost always form a relationship with the latest startup promising to disrupt and revolutionize one industry or other.


Everything You Should Know Before Launching an STO in Europe

24.10.19 09:27 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

In the first of our series of STO articles, we set out to discover whether conducting an STO in the USA was a viable option at this point in time. We investigated America’s challenging regulatory framework and the enforcement policies of the SEC. We also examined the various registration exemptions ...

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