Why Did I Get Banned? What Should I Do?

Banning someone from a community group is often the last resort of a Community Manager to keep the integrity of the group. 

Although this step seems rather radical to some, there are good reasons for it. As well as cases where such a decision can be appealed. 

So, what are the instances that can get a user banned in a channel on Telegram in the first place?

Reasons for a Ban

A community ban is never awarded without reason.

Community managers warn users when a Code of Conduct or Terms of Service is violated. Unless the user isn’t directly endangering the safety of other members, the admin will always give three warnings before pushing the ban button. Also, community managers get help from chatbots, who automatically filter out words and phrases that are violating community guidelines. 

Here are some of the reasons why a member may get banned. 


Spamming, be it in the community chat or anywhere else, isn’t welcome. 

Uncluttered chats provide a space for better community interactions and so members are encouraged to keep communication methods concise, without repeating the same statements and asking the same questions over and over again, as well as refraining from posting invitation links. In some groups, even GIF usage is considered spammy behavior and may be sanctioned by community managers

Not following these rules won’t result in banned user profiles. However, ignoring warnings from the community manager, or spamming messages promoting scams, or messages including words associated with scams, will lead to banning.

The latter is awarded automatically by chatbots programmed to filter out certain words or links. 

Be aware that moderators and chatbots warn the user before banning them from a chat. 

Discriminatory Messaging

If a user is attacking or threatening an individual or group of people, no matter the reasons, it will lead to automatically banned user profiles. This is not only a common policy in the internet realm but also in day-to-day interactions. 

Breaking universally accepted rules for global communication will result in exclusion from the group. 

Direct Threats

The same kind of logic applies to any threat. Chat members cannot mock, promise revenge, or intimidate other individuals, community managers or anyone else involved with the group. 

Violating community guidelines to attack other people’s personal or physical integrity will not only result in a ban from the community but could also lead to legal consequences

Toxic Behavior

Ongoing, productive conversations in Telegram chats or Discord groups are usually interrupted—that is simply inevitable when you have large groups of people no matter their talking ground. However, when users display toxic behavior, constantly derailing the chat and inciting discussions about off-topic subjects, that can become grueling to the whole community. 

Using profanity, touching on taboo topics, and causing friction could all be attributed to toxic behavior. Community user visibility of an individual displaying those traits can tear apart the safety of the space. 

To ease this type of interaction, some Telegram chats rely on a protocol that deals with toxic speech automatically, through the help of an analytical computer program provided by Google and the Jigsaw Team. The program is called Perspective API, and by proxy of machine learning, is able to recognize the toxic language violating community guidelines.

The AmaZix Moderation Bot is a prime example of a chatbot that learns from experience. With access to global blacklists, customization features, and message scanning capabilities, it is a tool that helps in community management. The free version of this chatbot is available on the AmaZix website for anyone to try out. 

AmaZix Moderation Bot

How to Get Allowed Back into the Community

There are rare occasions when a ban can be taken back by the community manager in charge of the group. 

However, violating community standards almost always results in a permanent ban. 

Appeal via Private Messages

Members can reach the community manager privately. Upon request, the CM can reconsider the case and accept or reject the reinstatement of the group. 

Most of the bans are permanent, but some, like the ones decided by chatbots, could be errors and can be overturned by a community manager. 

What to Do After Being Reinstated?

After regaining community user visibility, the individual needs to follow the community guidelines stated in the pinned message of the server.

Telegram chat rules

This is an example of a Code of Conduct present in a Telegram group: a straightforward list of what a community member needs to do, and what they absolutely shouldn’t. 

Nasty remarks, scammy invitations, and unsolicited project promotions disrupt the safety of digital spaces. Crypto projects are based on communities, remote from social, economic and political aspects, and it’s important to regulate these channels so healthy and productive communication can happen. 

Believe it or not, sometimes a user banned in a channel on Telegram might be a way to achieve that.  

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