Who is a Professional Community Manager?

Our Community Managers are blockchain natives.

Although this question may seem simple up front, over the years at AmaZix we have witnessed a countless number of interpretations. From a simple position held by a bot, to the CMO, today Community Managers are expected to do it all. So, we have decided to define what a Professional Community Manager means to us.

“What is a Professional Community Manager?”

At AmaZix, a Professional Community Managers responsibilities include acting as a resource for your audience, and a tool for our partners. We are the knowledge base of information, a central point of truth, and the patrol that enforces rules. During a Community Managers shift, they monitor telegram and discord for questions and engagement opportunities. All the while documenting valuable information to make your community the best it can be. We will report on advocates and FUDDers, for internal review to help you get a further understanding of your audience.

Our Professional Community Managers are real people, which requires effective leadership. Our team will engage with a myriad of people each day, so it is pivotal that we focus on developing not only a healthy community, but an effective work environment, which requires ongoing training. There will be times when a community becomes hostile or a crisis arises, and that is when de escalation training matters most.

“Effective Community Managers”

A Professional Community Manager is not a shill. At AmaZix, you will never witness a team member pushing a token, no matter if it is pumping or dumping. We are neutral, for the sake of our integrity. Without this, we would not be able to stand up against the scrutiny we face. Professional Community Managers are not ambassadors. It is our understanding that ambassadors are meant to move from one channel to another, in search of an audience suitable to bring into your public channel. From there, the user will meet a Community Manager that is ready for engagement. One should not replace the other, it is a balancing act. And a finally, a Community Manager is not a copywriter, nor a designer. Although many people may have these skills, defining their scope of work is important when aligning expectations between an employer and the employee.

In conclusion, Community Managers at AmaZix, have a clearly defined role. We have employed many people around the world, and often we hire within our network that continues to grow in the blockchain space.

If this is the sort of expertise you are in need of, we at AmaZix are ready to talk. Reach out to us via our contact us page – Contact – AmaZix