What Is a Good PPC Conversion Rate?

In marketing, conversion means the action of clicking on an ad which often translates into a sale or the submission of a form. And the high conversion rate is exactly what you want to achieve with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, which is possible if the campaign is well executed.

But, what is a good PPC conversion rate and how can you make sure the performance of a campaign is efficient? 

Aspects That Make the Conversion Rate of Your PPC Campaign Higher

PPC is considered a lucrative and effective tool for marketing today. In fact, it is the main reason why 40% of marketers are estimated to increase the budget allocated to PPC. But a PPC campaign is a waste of resources if copy, visuals, and target audience, among other factors, are poorly synchronized.

Keeping these aspects in mind can achieve better results:

Your Headline Will Save the Day!

It is said that the attention span of a person is eight seconds, so your headlines can either catch or deviate users’ attention. 

The conversion rate in PPC can be increased by adding your value proposition in the headline and not just simply on the landing page. If the attention span is as short as eight seconds, you should capture your product value in no more than six to seven words in the headline, followed by a visual element that is representative of the product or service you’re offering. 

Squeeze in Your Creativity

Create visually appealing ads!

From the headline, the focus of the leads should be shifted to the visual content, whether it’s a headshot, product shot, or video.

Highlight Benefits and Features

Many marketing experts consider that the best PPC conversion rate formula is to enlist clearly and concisely the benefits, instead of describing a product or service by its features. But this advice has been rejected by many who assure that a right balance between stating benefits and features should answer the questions what proves it? (when mentioning only the benefits) and so what? (when mentioning only the features).

A Call to Action (CTA) Is a Must!

The golden rule: if you don’t call to action then your efforts are wasted—users should know what to do after discovering your products or services. “You’re Running Out of Time!”—Isn’t it an interesting CTA?

“Buy Now” or “Sign up” CTAs are redirecting leads with a high possibility to convert. A strong and clear CTA makes for a good lead conversion rate. 

Include Testimonials

Reviews from actual users are the most valuable feedback you can ever have, especially if it’s shared with other potential users as this fosters credibility about your brand and offerings.

Provide 30 Day Trial and Guarantee

Are we speaking crypto? Then you know the market is rather underdeveloped and users are in need of finding the tools that are the most convenient to their needs to feel comfortable about navigating the crypto space. Instead of asking for an upfront payment, offer potential users a trial period so they can not only feel confident about subscribing but also using your services and recommending them to others.

Use Negative Keywords

This is a key element to ensuring a good PPC conversion rate at the time you set up your campaign. Negative keywords will spare you from appearing in search results that are not relevant to your offerings. The more your ads are ignored, the higher you pay for every click you get, and the lower your ads rank in the search engine.

You want to optimize your exposure by only showing your services and products to a relevant audience. For example, if you’re offering a “non-custodial crypto wallet,” your ads shouldn’t appear when people type “hardware crypto wallet.” In this way, your click-through rate (CTR), as well as your conversion rate of PPC efforts, improve altogether.

Mention a Keyword in the Display URL 

Again, if you’re offering a crypto wallet and want people to click on your website and download your wallet then make sure that the main keyword such as “crypto wallet” appears in the display URL as it double guarantees users this is exactly what you’re going to offer them.

So What’s a Good PPC Conversion Rate?

The average conversion rate across industries is considered to be good at 2,35%, although PPC campaigns should aim for at least 10%. 

Do you want to achieve an over the average conversion rate with your PPC campaign? So contact us today and let our marketing experts scale up your crypto project. 


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