What Can PPC Can Do for Your Crypto Business

An ever-expanding array of services and products is making the blockchain industry a particularly competitive field for emerging projects. Different strategies such as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can change the course of your project’s success. In fact, PPC marketing is considered to be one of the most effective tools in crypto marketing. What’s more, it’s budget-friendly because you only pay when users click on an ad.

Keep reading to know even more about how PPC can make your project successful and how AmaZix can help you pave your way to the top.

Advantages of Using PPC in  a Marketing Campaign

PPC is a widely accepted strategy owned by marketers for promoting businesses. Here are some of the prolific advantages of running a PPC campaign for your crypto project.

High Response Rate

PPC crypto ads obtain instant responses. Launching a campaign with a focus on viral results can immediately attract a large number of crypto users, reaching your target audience—so it’s ideal for exposure. 

Success Tracker

PPC allows you to follow up on the number of visits to your website and is therefore an easy tool to track your user acquisition success. Moreover, it allows you to assess the option that gets the most response while running a PPC ad for your project.

Building Brand Recognition

With the help of an experienced crypto marketing agency, you can create PPC ads based on what your audience is looking for and establish a strong brand image by allowing users to see the useful, engaging heart of your project in a targeted, appealing blend of image and text.

And crypto ads certainly correlate directly with building strong brand recognition. It’s even estimated that search ads can increase a company’s brand awareness by 80%. This makes your brand much more recognizable and thus puts you in a strong place vis-a-vis your competitors.

The key to building brand recognition is identifying your target audience and the best ways of reaching it. When implementing a PPC crypto ad campaign on platforms such as Google Ads and Twitter, you can gain a lot by narrowing the scope of reach to a target audience. By targeting the right audience with the right keywords, topics, and platforms for placing ads, as well as remarketing to further incentivize and thus gain more users, an effective ad campaign can reach the right people to pay attention and engage with your brand. 

Indeed, targeting the right audience in crypto marketing is one of the special benefits of PPC ad traffic that gives it a 50% greater conversion rate than organic link visitor traffic does.

You Only Spend When Your Content is Seen

As opposed to the outdated cost-per-impression (CPM) advertising model, PPC doesn’t cost you anything until your content is seen. It means that you can save a great deal on digital advertising costs while simultaneously focusing on your target keywords to implement a sound strategy and grow your business.

PPC Advertising Goes Hand in Hand with SEO 

Having a core online marketing strategy in an ever-emerging industry such as crypto helps you to easily drive your traffic and lead your business among competitors. When activated together, SEO and PPC advertising can do wonders for your business.

That’s because SEO brings its own brand of success, with 82% of marketers reporting a rise in SEO for clients from applying related strategies and 94% of Google users skipping search ads and going straight for the organic links optimized by SEO.

AmaZix Can Do It All for You

But you’re in luck. AmaZix, a premier agency for marketing crypto- and blockchain-based businesses, provides complete SEO and PPC services and a high level of measured success with each.

Let AmaZix bring your business the brand recognition and dedicated users it needs to achieve its goals and build the engagement your use case deserves.  

Our team of experts is standing by to help you increase traffic to your website in all the right ways. All you need to do is to contact us today! 


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