Web3 Marketing: AmaZix Approach to Building a Successful NFT Project

The cryptocurrency industry is growing by the day, with the market estimated to surpass 39 billion US dollars by 2025. Similarly, the need for blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing and agencies is steadily rising, justifying the plethora of options to choose from as a crypto project or as a brand/firm based on blockchain technology. 

However, just as choosing the right crypto asset is critical for an investment, choosing the ideal marketing or PR agency for a crypto project is equally as essential. This article will walk you through the step-by-step guide to how a Web3 marketing agency should function.

But just before we begin, let’s briefly describe what PR means and its role in driving a crypto project’s growth.

Understanding NFT PR (Agency)

Public relations (PR) refers to a type of communication strategy adopted by brands to elevate their relationship with users while also positioning the brand and its leadership team as an expert or reputable choices in the industry.

Not only is the NFT market oversaturated, but there is also the issue of novelty, which implies that the entire industry, as well as the underlying technology – blockchain – is relatively new and may be complex for the majority of the rising population of consumers to comprehend or utilize. This brings us to the role of an NFT PR/marketing agency.

Essentially, an NFT marketing agency manages the communication of an NFT brand or project. They can analyze all the technical jargon and convey it to end users in simple words. Technically, the PR agency acts as a spokesperson for the core NFT brand or project while operating within the brand’s capacity.

Some prominent offerings of an NFT marketing agency include reputation management, community management, digital marketing, digital advertising, copywriting, conversion optimization, branding, and design, among several needs that may arise in the process.

From ideation to fruition, let’s walk you through AmaZix’s strategy and process to get the best for our crypto clients and projects.

Phase 1 – Market Research & Analysis Phase

This is the preliminary stage where AmaZix analyzes market trends and data, focusing on what motivates client consumers within its category, practically and emotionally, to interact with the client platform. It is essential to understand the overall category context of the client’s service/product by asking questions like:

  • What is the overall issue the category is trying to solve?
  • What are the factors impacting the growth of the sector?

Phase 2 – Problem Definition

After analyzing the research conducted in the previous phase, the AmaZix team will map out both Macro problems and Micro problems, as well as defining the challenges of the business and market. The AmaZix team will run a SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to the client’s business.

Phase 3 – Goal Definitions

Next, the AmaZix team will define the goal definitions for the strategy, bearing in mind our client’s specific and unique goals. This will impact all of the following steps in the strategy development process and plan. 

Phase 4 – Target Mapping

After the client’s goals are defined and aligned with our marketing strategy, we then proceed to analyze the client’s target persona through qualitative and quantitative means of analysis to ensure the brand is talking to the right audience, increasing conversion rates. It is in this phase we take the ‘deep dive’ to understand the audience wholly and with extreme detail.

After conducting deep research, the AmaZix team will determine the brand’s strategic positioning to stand out from its competitors and increase the conversion rate.

At this point, we are able to create the communication and strategic guidelines for the client and determine which channels we will be communicating and the content pillar for each one of them. 

Learn more about AmaZix

AmaZix is a Web3 marketing agency with professionals who can provide a well-rounded set of services that meet the diverse needs of any blockchain startup or firm. These services range from comprehensive crypto marketing, branding, PR strategy, and community management to legal advisory and human capital.

You can be confident that your project is in the best hands with a firm whose most valuable resource is ‘listening,’ primarily because they are not just result-driven but also detail-oriented in their end-to-end process.

AmaZix delivers its offerings in four steps: ‘listen,’ ‘strategize,’ ‘implement,’ and ‘optimize,’ with the four constituting the core of its operations. 

Likewise, by leveraging this model, AmaZix can deliver specialized services, including; crypto coin listing, advertising, PPC, link building, social & content marketing, website design & development, and brand development, in addition to those that have been mentioned earlier. 

Furthermore, AmaZix has worked with successful clients like Bancor, CasperLabs, and Frax Finance and partners like Certik, Bitcoin Suisse, Coinify, and Bank Frick.

Finding the right PR firm to work with is not enough; you must also find one that is willing to listen to you and understand your vision as much as you do, all while laying the groundwork for the desired growth and success of your NFT project or firm. AmaZix, in particular, has positioned itself as a ‘listening’ PR firm and has been tested and proven to be worth your project’s shot.
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