Ultimate Guide to Crypto Community Management on Discord

Discord is a platform that offers unlimited file storage which comes in handy, especially for those interested in activities that take up large disk space such as gaming and programming, including crypto, DeFi and NFT enthusiasts.

With the 6.7 million active serves on Discord today along with the verification and bot-moderation features, the server has become the place for crypto communities to thrive. 

Here’s why Discord is essential to the ultimate crypto guide to growing your fanbase.

Discord: Where Crypto Communities Have Come Together

Since social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are very restrictive on blockchain-related ads, marketers have focused on creating crypto communities on Discord to promote their projects, concurring with GaryVee, a crypto pioneer whose feeling is that “Discord will be the prime social media destination for many of you trying to build your own communities moving forward in the Crypto Universe.” 

So First Things First: How to Launch a Crypto Community on Discord?

Like with any other project, you should count on some supporters to begin with—call them friends, relatives, virtual peers, or in this case, crypto enthusiasts. 

Follow these steps and get your account ready to support your community:

  • Gather a bunch of people interested in and knowledgeable about crypto, so they can both prompt questions and provide valuable insights to other users
  • Create a Discord account by filling out the form and verifying your email address
  • Add your own server by logging into your account and clicking on the + sign. This will allow you to pick a template, choose your community and create rules
  • Add a bot to your Discord blockchain community and automate tasks on your server for moderating, welcoming, or banning members. This AI tool will help you monitor your community in a decentralized way.

Managing Your Project’s Community on Discord

Discord servers can significantly boost your brand awareness and help you to attain a reputation in the cryptoverse. The presence of crypto enthusiasts on your Discord server is necessary to get the word about your project out there. 

A crypto community manager should follow these steps to garner a community that is genuinely interested in the project.

Focus on a Relevant Audience 

Niche down your offers and services to get the most dedicated users in your community. The more focused your content is, the more relevant members will join and stay on board. 

Worship Feedback

The golden rule: learn what your members need, listen to their feedback and implement it. Your crypto community appreciates when they are heard. This will likewise increase the frequency and engagement in group discussions. 

Create a Customer Support System

If you’re in crypto is because you know well that the blockchain market is going to grow exponentially. So take all your chances and make sure you provide a complete package of problem-solving tools.

Prove Loyalty 

Focus on the high-value proposition for the members of your crypto community to gain their trust—establish a meaningful relationship based on the values your project identifies with. By building your community actively, you don’t only maintain a good engagement rate but also foster a loyal fanbase in the long run. 

Blockchain-based projects generally rely on the use of Discord to utilize segments of their overall engagement marketing strategy. Platforms such as Quora, Reddit or Telegram are also used although crypto-related promotions on those platforms are often associated with scams. 

Keep in mind that given the decentralized nature of blockchain, community managers need to be available 24/7 and their knowledge and efficiency to solve problems is mandatory. Our advice: don’t underestimate the power of a healthy community. 

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