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Extended Reality’s (XR) covered all the reality bases

Let’s get the definition out of the way first.

Extended reality (XR) can be simply defined as the umbrella term to refer to all the different “realities” as we’re beginning to understand them. We’re probably most familiar with Virtual Reality (VR), but XR inclusively refers to newer Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) environments… and everything else in between.

Drawing clear boundaries within the individual segments can be quite difficult (and probably pointless) so it can be helpful to refer to all related and connected technologies as XR.

Clear as mud? Great!

The future isn’t that far away

XR has quietly been creeping into our daily lives already. Many of us can relate to how VR has changed the way we play, but the use of these new realities have literally extended the way we work, the way we interact with others, the way we learn… basically, technology has changed our experiences as much as the way we consume them.

You might be surprised at how far XR is already used in the real world:

Clearly, brands from diverse industries, from news media to automobile, are latching on to XR to reach out to customers. A 2016 Citibank Global Perspectives and Solutions Report expects that XR will generate more than $200 billion in revenue by 2021, growing ten times that to $2 trillion by 2035 as it impacts every single industry and sector within two decades.

Why Trivver is invested in XR

Back in May 2018, when Forbes asked XR tech startup Trivver why it was created, CEO Joel LaMontagne pretty much got straight to the point, explaining:

I saw an untapped opportunity with the rise of XR to offer developers a seamless, unobtrusive way to deliver meaningful, 3D-branded content to online users. That vision is what drives Trivver’s people and technology.”

And in all that one phrase, the challenges of advertising were explained, while hinting at the huge potential for XR to change the way brands would engage with their customers.

This is the promise of XR advertising…

  • From disruptive and interruptive traditional banners and commercials, to placing advertisements organically within natural environments.
  • From a cluttered model of diminishing returns, to educating XR developers to monetize XR environments that are not intrusive.
  • From security and privacy risks and ad fraud due to cookie manipulation, to transparent blockchain-secured data and Trivver’s cookieless technology for accurate data and user analytics.

There’s so much going on now and XR development is moving so far, and Trivver is right in the thick of it, working with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to help set XR advertising industry standards. On the frontline of business, they’ve just completed an SDK for 3D gaming, finalizing an AI engine that will include a platform for programmatic, real-time bidding and predictive analytics.

But why listen to us ramble on? Head on over to the Trivver website to check their XR work out for yourself, or visit the Trivver blog on Medium to read more about their XR industry insights.

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By AmaZix Editorial on August 20, 2018.