Trending dApps, here is a list of our top four

Today we look at trending dApps in blockchain. This technology is not only about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. It has many applications and use cases that can transform various industries and sectors, such as finance, healthcare, logistics, media, and more. In this blog, we will explore some of the trending blockchain, including Magic Eden, Jupiter, Notcoin, and Phaver.

Trending dApps

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is a decentralised marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polygon. NFTs are unique digital assets that can represent anything from art and music to gaming and collectibles. Magic Eden allows users to discover, create, buy, and sell NFTs with low fees, high speed, and scalability. It also features a social platform where users can interact with other NFT enthusiasts and creators. More recently, Magic Eden announced a series of rewards and incentives for its loyal and active users, including a possible airdrop of a native token. This has led to increased activity on the platform, and since airdrops have been a huge part of crypto in recent months, the timing is right.


Jupiter is a swap aggregator that connects all the liquidity sources on Solana, a fast and scalable blockchain platform. By using Jupiter, traders can get the best price, selection, and user experience when swapping any Solana-based tokens. Jupiter also provides real-time price data, payment features, and cross-chain liquidity for the Solana ecosystem. Whether you are a casual user, a developer, or a liquidity provider, Jupiter can help you access the full potential of Solana.

Another exciting feature of Jupiter is its generous airdrop program, which will distribute one billion JUP tokens to nearly one million Solana wallets that interacted with Jupiter before the 2nd of November, 2023. This airdrop represents 40% of JUP’s total supply and reflects Jupiter’s popularity and gratitude to its users. The airdrop will take place on January 31, 2024. If you missed this airdrop, don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to get JUP tokens in the future by participating and contributing to the Jupiter platform and community.


Notcoin is a parody cryptocurrency. It mocks the hype and volatility of the crypto market. Notcoin claims to be the “world’s worst cryptocurrency” and has a total supply of zero tokens. Notcoin’s channels feature a sarcastic and humorous tone, poking fun at the common tropes and jargon of the crypto space. Notcoin also has a Twitter account that posts ironic and satirical tweets about crypto news and events. Most recently, Notcoin has announced their token mint.


Phaver is a Web3 social app. The aim is to create a future where users own and control their online social graph, and their data, rather than relying on centralized platforms that monetize its users. It allows users to connect their Lens Protocol and CyberConnect accounts, as well as various other on-chain assets, to build their own social network and reputation. Phaver will reward users with Phaver Points, which will be converted into Phaver tokens in the future.

Phaver token is the native utility token of the Phaver platform. The token will incentivize and reward users, creators, and curators. It will also enable governance and participation in the Phaver ecosystem. Tokens are earned through activity on the Phaver app, which is available on mobile devices.

Trending dApps, how to find them?

The most effective way to find trending dApps is through real time data. There are websites like DappRadar and defilama that will give do all the legwork in finding dApp activity. You can also do that yourself by searching smart contracts on block explorers to see which are most active. Another method is through social media platforms, Twitter being arguably the most effective. Albeit you would have to sort through who is shilling, and who is genuine. Another method is community sourced. Thanks to the utility from token gated communities, you can find like minded people which you are already aligned with (having owning the same tokens) where members share their experiences and their favorite apps.

Trending dApps, Conclusion

All these dApps are becoming bigger and bigger with the help of their communities, who become advocates for the platform and spread word on how all of their features make their lives in the crypto sphere easier. If you are a dApp that’s looking to grow by harnessing the power of an existing community, we can help you on this front! Book a call here: