How to Effectively Transmit New Crypto Concepts to Your Community to Enhance Engagement

Be the helmsman, not the siren.

Maybe you remember that first time you went to the Ethereum documentation, and the first thing they told you was that Ethereum is cool because it is based on a don’t-know-what language that is “Turing-complete.”


A piece of information that few probably needed. Yup, few, read on.

Cryptos and decentralized finance are not fully integrated into the general culture. You and us, who spend all day talking crypto, know our way around, but the truth is that we can’t go to the corner pub and spout crypto jargon to the first regular bloke we meet over a cup of coffee or pint of beer.

With this in mind, let’s ask ourselves the question at hand — how can we convey new crypto concepts without someone having a stroke?

At this point, we’ll present you a succinct list of the 250 basic PPC metrics that indicate how traffic flows in SEO content… Nope, we are not going to do that. It would not be very wise, would it?
Let’s use some inbound marketing tactics instead.


The first thing we have to avoid is making our audience feel like an idiot. That reader is going to give you only a few seconds and won’t come back for more.

Keep in mind that different audiences have different backgrounds, and these are the ones that will give you the baseline from which you have to start. Many crypto projects are initiatives started by entrepreneurs who have a deep knowledge of a specific aspect. This leads us to the first inbound marketing pro-tip.

Whatever your area of expertise may be, you should always bear in mind that there are potential customers out there and they don’t necessarily have to come from the same sector as you. Likely, their interest will not be the same as yours if your product has the potential to reach the holy grail of mass adoption.

It is, therefore, essential to do your homework and have a good product definition within the scope of crypto and decentralized finance. What value does it provide? How are you different from your competitors? Who are the Personas you are targeting? What does your audience care about? Which of your potential customers care that you use a technical tool that is Turing-complete? Probably some, but who are you excluding by making such an outburst?

Your audience wants to know the value you bring, not what tools you use. They are your customers (potential or not), not your friends in a specialized forum.


Once we know what the audience wants as the first step to our inbound marketing strategy, let’s talk about communicating. 

Jargon is all over DeFi and crypto — and a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the use of jargon in a group creates a sense of identity, it is a mark of recognition that you are a member of the community, an insider. That’s good. That creates engagement.

Ultimately, you want to make your visitors feel safe and trust you. Become a place where it’s worth spending some time to learn cool stuff — your stuff — at their level.

But, the other hand has many ugly fingers. What if the step to get started with that jargon is too steep for many? What if, as DeFi evolves, we are making that step harder to take? It makes no sense to encourage entry barriers.

This case is harrowing in crypto, in particular in decentralized finance, because of the speed of development and its innovativeness. The greatest difficulty here is the financial background of your audience, and, just as it happens that not everyone knows how to code smart contracts; not everyone knows enough about finance to be comfortable dealing with DeFi terms that are expected to be basic vocabulary overnight. 

We are talking about atomic swapping, yield farming, over-collateralization… Anyone can safely ignore specialized terms in many contexts, but when it’s related to investment tools, one is not so keen to take these topics lightly.

Finally, let’s go on to the part where we can help you. — how to structure and distribute didactic content.

Distribution and Structure

The first inbound marketing tactics benefit comes from didactic content as it is very well adapted to back-linking to focus on a single topic and connect to terms that have already been covered in other pieces.

The use that each audience makes of the information is the most decisive indicator for choosing the format in which we want to communicate with them.

In this sense, the main technical didactic contents are best confined to a text format, as they are usually used to search for very specific and precise information pills. On the other hand, more informative content related to financial or value-related aspects of the product are better suited to visually attractive formats that guide the viewer through the intricacies of the crypto-land odyssey of decentralized finance.

Also, consider that the visual format — vlogs being the perfect example —   allows for a much more engaging communication where the user feels that you are helping them. At the same time, the usefulness of your product will reach the right people when they need it, at the moment that the customer wants to make a decision about you.

There may be many clarifications to make in decentralized finance, and other sources of information can be very supportive too, of course. In this chapter we may have online manuals, glossaries, documentation, FAQs, level categorization, all help to manage the frustration of the unknown, to avoid the: “I may be biting more than i can swallow.” But in the end, it’s the content well matched to the curiosity of visitors, scripted through a blog/vlog format, that enrolls followers to your cause. That’s good inbound marketing at work.

Everyone wants to reach mass adoption in crypto, but to achieve this, you need to be clear that “mass” means a lot of people, as many as pretty much everyone. Each group you want to reach may have a very different persona, and that’s why it’s a good idea to have a partner like AmaZix to show your product as the solution it is, for each of them, and not as a spawn with a myriad of moving parts.

And sure, we will also throw at you a few dozen PPC metrics too, but in a human-readable format.

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