To boldly go where no forum has gone before

A forum fueled by a token economy

Almost two months ago in July, we all welcomed the launch of the Moon Forum. A forum among forums, for crypto communities among crypto communities, which we hoped would be the new home for all who have heard the calling of crypto.

We’ve been focusing the past weeks and months on developing something worthy of this new home and we’re getting ready to show it to you.

What we can say now is that this creation is very much in the spirit of cryptocurrency. It will be a tokenization of the forum’s economics, using incentivization and gamification models that will encourage such things that define the very industry: direct p2p interactions such as tipping or even trading, incentivization of contributions, great marketing and great content creation.

While there are many existing efforts out there attempting to do gamify and incentivize, all revolving around social interaction, we believe that the forum economy is a thriving one, as proven already by the initial support and participation levels we’ve witnessed.

The hodlers, the traders, the bounty hunters, the chatters. Over 26,000 posts, 4,100 threads, and 1,000 members later, you guys have become the Moon Forum community.

Thanks to you, we already have a strong foundational userbase, ready to uptake this model as soon as we launch, which will give us a good head start in demonstrating actual implementation.

No forum has ever done this before.

Value, and more value

When we started out, we told you about how we wanted Moon Forum to be the fun and relaxed place to talk about crypto and blockchain. A lot of things have been happening in the background — some visible, others not — and it goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that it is a lot of work to manage a forum.

Our dedicated developers are constantly tweaking the features we know you’ve grown to love, such as advanced post customization, greater post interaction and faster responses. We’ve been recruiting moderators, who strive to keep the forum clean and fun for all to use, while ensuring every new user’s need is attended to. Over 2,100 spammers were denied registration, almost 400 spammy posts automatically moderated… our guys have been hard at work!

We see Moon Forum as a valuable product in itself, where we, as much as you, are customers seeking to benefit from the knowledge sharing and interactions within.

But we are always striving to create even more value for the work that we do. We want to be proud of Moon Forum and what it will help achieve. We want you, the users, to share in that creation of value and gain more than just a sense of belonging, but a sense of ownership. We want our moderators and volunteers to gain more than just recognition for their work.

In short, we want to everyone to be rewarded for what they do on Moon Forum. We want every stakeholder to get back some of the value they help create, not just for self-interest (though there’s nothing wrong with that!) but so that the forum can be self-sustaining and provide recurring value to all participants.

You won’t want to miss out

Moon Forum is the new home for AmaZix Community Rewards discussions, the new happening space to talk about ICOs, airdrops, news, the new space to just chill out.

Some day, Moon Forum will also be the place to go for the very latest and the very best in crypto and blockchain.

We’ll get there because of users like you. And when that happens, you bet people will be scrambling to Moon Forum on a tidal wave of FOMO.


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