The Power of Link Building in Crypto

SEO link building is the process of driving referral traffic to your website by mentioning your project and linking to your website by a platform seen with high authority by search engines. The purpose of this is to improve your website’s ranking and enhance your investment returns, and link building is considered to be very efficient at boosting your project’s website traffic.

But link building isn’t an easy strategy to implement. Even though link building can achieve great results, 41% of marketers consider it the greatest challenge in SEO. Here we delve into the benefits of using link building and how AmaZix can help you overcome related challenges.

Importance of Building Backlinks for SEO

As mentioned earlier, websites with higher domain authority (DA) have the capacity to attain a higher backlink rate, which ultimately leads your website to rank higher in search engines.


Backlinks are essential in SEO, no matter how Google’s algorithms keep evolving, as they determine the ranking of your website—the more votes or clicks, your website receives, the more evident the value of your content is. And link building incentivizes users to vote for your website, reassuring its authenticity and relevance, in turn.

Tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs can help you identify platforms with high DA for backlink building in your niche, and an agency specializing in SEO practices can certainly help you optimize a strategy to reach those platforms and your desired audience.

So, what are all the wonders that a sound link building strategy can attain?

Increment in Web Traffic

A large number of experts estimate that websites with quality backlinks account for a higher percentage of the weight in the search engine ranking algorithms. When search engines like Google locate your site, which is endorsed by other platforms, the algorithm concludes that the content quality of your website is high and should be ranked at the top. 

Enhancement of Revenue Opportunities and Sales

Building backlinks for SEO is one of the most effective ways to establish your web page as trustworthy, therefore boosting your site’s traffic which can lead to an increment in sales and profits. 

Appearing at the top of a search engine results page (SERP) brings visibility to your project, products and services. 

Improvement of Community Building & Collaborations

With backlink building, you are not only becoming more relevant and legitimate but it also boosts business connections as you appear to be a solid competitor in the sector. This can be further enhanced by building a community that supports and endorses your project

Achievement of Long-Term Exposure  & Visibility

Building high-quality backlinks not only increases your search visibility to a significant extent, but also provides a long-term SEO value and exposure to your website if the backlinks target the right audience

For example, if you reach out to an audience in a particular geographical location, building backlinks for SEO can be of great help to you, by raising awareness in that area. Once a link is created, it becomes a continued source of traffic to your website. 

Things to Keep in Mind for Link Building

Keep in mind that not all backlinks are good. When backlinks are coming from dubious websites your ranking receives negative votes and the algorithm will prioritize other websites over yours. The way link building outreach can be improved is by generating quality content that attracts organic traffic, avoiding buying links, mapping out a strategy before publishing content on a third-party platform, conducting a detailed competition analysis, and being consistent in building quality backlinks from authentic and authoritative websites. 

How to elevate your SEO strategy and bring your project to the next level? Get in touch with us and we’ll create an organic portfolio of backlinks for you.


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