Spam Telegram Groups — How to Avoid Them

Telegram chats are a source of information about crypto projects. 

Through building communities and discussing projects and ideas, messaging channels become a useful tool not only information-wise but also as an incubation space for future blockchain developers and managers. 

Still, like almost any other space on the internet, Telegram chats can turn into an awful place with even more awful individuals. Spam Telegram groups can become a serious threat for all the members of the community. 

The Reasons Behind Spam Groups

Since communication in chat groups is concluded through text messages, talking to other users in a cluttered chat is almost impossible, as the constant flow of new messages coupled with a lack of a genuine response makes it hard to follow up on any discussion. 

Keeping in mind all of those characteristics, what are spam group chats really trying to achieve?

Attention for a Project

Spammers attempt to garner the attention of chat members to non-related projects that often seem to be illegitimate. 

This activity does not only work against a positive image of the project but also causes the project to be associated with spam groups and their shady reputation. 

Scam Attempts

With a constant flow of information, spam text groups try to lure the unsuspecting user with free cryptocurrencies, NFTs and very low exchange rates. 

Spam groups are notorious for cryptocurrency transactions under the pretense that they will reward their users with big returns

And although the promotional aspect of spam groups might not be dangerous, Telegram chats that focus on actually scamming others out of their cryptocurrency savings pose a real danger.

How to Recognize a Spam Group?

Finding out if a group is one of those Telegram spam groups is relatively easy. 

Keeping stock of what kinds of chats you are already a part of and to what kinds of chats you have been recently invited to without your consent, is a good place to start. 

Unsolicited Invitations

Spam group admins invite unsuspecting users to join the chat. 

New chat members are greeted with a red text bar on top of the conversation. Checking who added you and looking up what kind of messages are being exchanged in the chat can help you make a judgment as to whether it is one of those spam group chats or not. 

If the conversation resembles a steady stream of the same kind of messages, then click the “Report Spam and Leave” button to exit the group.

report spam and leave

If a Telegram chat is reported regularly for spam, you will be notified by the short message in the group’s description. 

spammy TG group

An Occasion on Every Corner

Spam groups are also filled with prompts for impending project token sales and encouragement for users to participate

Usually, there is no real project behind the token sale and the contributed tokens go straight to the wallet of the scammer. 

But spam messages on Telegram will often say the opposite. Apart from messages asking the members to contribute to the token, there will also be testimonials claiming big rewards from the exchange or token itself. Fake giveaways, contests and other fake opportunities to increase your wealth with minimum effort are synonymous with spam groups. 

spammy messages on TG

How to Avoid Spam Groups?

Scammers are always on the hunt for another victim.

To avoid spam groups altogether, we recommend blocking the ability of others to add you to random, spamming groups on Telegram. 

After opening your Telegram app go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Groups and Channels > Set it to contacts and whitelist the people you would always like to get invited by. 

how to avoid spammy messages

This will allow you to be in control over your Telegram presence and avoid getting added to spam groups in the crypto space. While many users are still falling victim to these chats, there are ways of knowing if a group is genuine or just another scam attempt. By proxy of unsolicited invitations and deals that seem too good to be true, uncovering spam Telegram groups has been made significantly easier. 

And by blocking any unwelcome invitations inside of the Telegram app, you can help ensure a future without spam groups.

AmaZix cares for the safety of community members in crypto communities. Telegram groups overseen by our community managers are a safe environment for idea discussion and further development of genuine crypto projects. 

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