Security tokens: Separating the hype from reality

You must surely have heard by now about STOs (security token offerings) and how they’re touted by many to be the face of the next generation of blockchain-based crowdfunding, how governments will allow them, how easy it will be to run them and invest in them.

Basically, there’s a lot of hype surrounding them, and naturally so.

At AmaZix, we’ve been following developments in the industry closely, and we have for a long time believed in the direction of digital securities and STOs. Our own progress and research mirror this belief, as do the partnerships we’ve forged recently.

Next week, AmaZix joins a panel discussion on STOs at the CV Summit 2019 event in Crypto Valley, Switzerland. Our Head of Advisory, Jose Maria Macedo, will outline the various benefits of security tokens, while stressing that many of these benefits are achievable by digital securities more generally.

The case for blockchain may not be clear, after all, especially when security tokens will not be trustless, permissionless, or censorship-resistant — why use security tokens when other centralized solutions have these very attributes?

Our argument here is that building digital securities infrastructure is a daunting task that requires cooperation from many and diverse stakeholders. Blockchain technology provides the incentive alignment for this to happen through interoperable frameworks that aren’t owned by any one entity.

CV Summit 2019: #BUIDL Towards the Crypto Spring

We’re always keen to pass new knowledge and discussions of interest when we come across it in our work, even if it may not be a view from our side.

As it so happens, this is a message we couldn’t feel more supportive of as it’s about the upcoming Crypto Valley biannual blockchain summit now restyled as the CV Summit.

For the uninitiated, Zug in Switzerland is the Crypto Valley, and the CV Summit is a reflection of its self-made reputation as a hub and ecosystem for those keen to build the foundations for what’s important and what’s relevant in the crypto and blockchain sphere.

Uniquely established through the openly receptive actions of the Swiss government, Crypto Valley’s business-friendly regulatory framework and sophisticated infrastructure have convinced some of the most established names in the cryptosphere to headquarter there, including the likes of Ethereum, Xapo, and ConsenSys.

Why CV Summit 2019?

Quite apart from the speculatory theme and hype-driven agendas of other blockchain-themed conferences, the CV Summit 2019 continues to attract almost 1,000 attendees to listen to and engage with industry proponents traversing traditional financial institutions, government and political figures, and leading technologists.

CV Summit enters its 4th Edition next week on 27th March 2019. And you’re invited to join AmaZix, a Silver Partner of CV Summit, participating in panel discussions such as:

– development in crypto assets (Bitcoin Suisse)

– traditional vs crypto banks (Bank Frick, Turicum Private Bank, Falcon Private Bank, SICTIC, Sygnum and more)

– ICO/STO Report (PwC, CV VC, Crypto Valley Association)

– what the corporate world is BUIDLING with blockchain (Huawei, Inacta, Generali, Concordium, Swiss Re)

– digital securities (Smartmo, Coreledger, AmaZix, and more)

– blockchain tech and the UN SDGs (European Blockchain Hub, UNECE, Slovenia Ministry of Economic Devt and Tech, and more)

There are few better places to be to find out what the crypto spring will bring.Click here to book your tickets now for the CV Summit 2019 and use the code “DISCOUNT30AmaZix” for a 30% AmaZix partner discount.

If you’re arriving early, check out the pre-party “Swiss Night @CV Labs” to do what the Swiss do and sample delicious raclette with a glass of wine.

Who says blockchain can’t be fun?

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