Scaling Your Blockchain Project With Marketing – Why It’s Necessary?

When you start a blockchain project, it is normal to focus on developing the product or service until it is 100% operational and failsafe. However, for your project to reach the desired market niche and be accepted in it, it is necessary to develop a customized blockchain marketing strategy that will optimize the chances that your project will be economically sustainable over time.

Therefore, in this article, you will discover why you should not postpone implementing a marketing plan for when you reach the end of the project but go on with it from its conception.

The Importance of Developing a Blockchain Marketing Strategy

Blockchain technology has been around for 11 years, beginning with the creation of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. However, its applications in other areas were developed gradually, providing a unique chance for firms in this new sector to establish a solid and unambiguous marketplace position and build a community that grows organically and sustainably.

AmaZix’s blockchain marketing strategies have a dedicated research and analysis team is made up of industry-leading professionals who will delve deep into every aspect of the blockchain industry, from the micro to the macro angle, which will make AmaZix build and communicate your message to the proper target audience through a sophisticated marketing plan.

Therefore, certain things that investors and users see with special attention from a blockchain project must be aligned with agency services to have a complete blockchain marketing strategy in place: social media, community management,  PR, viral campaigns, and website listing services.

Community Management

The community gathering around your brand (such as it may be once you first step onto the scene) must quickly recognize the value that your project brings to the market and understand the role that blockchain technology plays in it. 

If your blockchain project achieves this from the start, it will be much easier to attract users and investors, allowing your business to grow faster and with a solid foundation.

Therefore, according to Sproutsocial, these are the main reasons why people unfollow companies on social media:


To avoid these scenarios, you need highly optimized community management. AmaZix’s vast experience will provide outstanding blockchain marketing services based on taking care of your community first and foremost. AmaZix’s sophisticated blockchain specialists are entirely committed to understanding your blockchain project and inspire confidence in your new and existing clients. Hence, if you want to include community management in your marketing plan, AmaZix can help. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media has a vital role in showing your audience all the features that your blockchain project has and start having indicators that measure the growth of your audience within the overall blockchain marketing strategy.

Having updated social media will make early investors know how you’re progressing on the roadmap, thus staying in touch with the community through multiple platforms like Github, Telegram, Reddit, and Medium (as well as oldies but goodies like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook) is a must in the blockchain industry.

AmaZix will help you kick off and build your online presence and bring exposure to your blockchain project with the best blockchain marketing services: writing long-form content and social media material and offering 24/7 customer assistance.

Press Release Services (PR)

An efficiently structured press release strategy can be the turning point for your blockchain project to fully reach your target audience, raise brand awareness, and ultimately obtain qualified leads that will most likely become loyal customers.

On the other hand, this effective method of improving website traffic is more important in the blockchain sector. This is because the technology industry urgently needs more press media proliferation to strengthen their image, giving more confidence to readers.

That’s why AmaZix’s PR outreach services will help your brand achieve the desired conversion rate optimization by being in well-known media outlets worldwide, getting your content to over 200 news websites.

Targeted Engagement Viral Campaign

Viral marketing builds interest in a brand or product (and thus potential sales) by spreading messages quickly from person to person. The concept is that consumers select whether or not to share the content on their own. In essence, this is the golden grail of marketing — word-of-mouth recommendation.

With a customized, engaging viral marketing campaign, your blockchain project can expand its social media community and maximize your product/service audience. To do that, as a top-of-the-line blockchain marketing agency, AmaZix will conduct research, design, and administer a customized rewards campaign. 


Website Listing Services

website listing service provides accurate, optimized listings to significant databases, that afterwards redistribute the website’s data to secondary sites and listings. This ensures that information about your blockchain project appears accurately and consistently in hundreds of locations throughout the Internet.

That’s why AmaZix’s blockchain marketing specialists will make sure that your blockchain project is listed on all crucial blockchain-related listing platforms. Furthermore, we will also give a detailed overview of all eligible paid listing services and advice on the most successful paid listing approach.

Join AmaZix now and let your blockchain project fully scale. Only the sky’s the limit!


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